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Xmas package X Long

Xmas package X Long

This is my first post after lurking and starting PE (newbie routine) in early November, 2006. Like many others, I was very skeptical of PE claims, but after about 2 months I am now completely convinced that it works. I’ve lengthened my penis 0.5 inches (BPEL) and increased girth by 0.375 inches since starting. It’s a really cool feeling to see my flaccid dick hanging past my sack most of the time now. That wasn’t the case before PE’ing. My wife has noticed the difference also, though I’ve only told here that I’ve been doing Kegels to get harder.

Here’s another bit of anecdotal evidence to suggest that things are a changin’. Last night we were getting dressed for a family Christmas Eve party. I put on a pair of dress pants that I’ve worn several times. The pants are not pleated and have more of a European or fitted cut - unlike most of my looser casual work pants. After zipping up, I was a bit surprised when I looked in the full length mirror. There, to the right of the fly, was a conspicuous, downward-pointing bulge (I know this is starting to sound like a sleazy porn story, but it’s not). I knew I wasn’t erect, not even semi-erect. I asked my wife how she thought the pants fit - knowing that I had actually dropped a couple pounds. She said that the waist and butt looked fine, but when I directed her attention to my package, she suggested that I switch from boxers to briefs to hold things back a bit. That worked, but I must admit that I was damn proud of my new Xmas package.

I’m 7.5 BPEL x 5.5 diam, and am going for 8 x 6 by 4/2007.

It’s always great to hear stories like that!

Congratulations on your success. Don’t hesitate to do more posting!

Horny Bastard

Get out of those briefs! You’ll lose some of that flaccid gain look when you compress it with briefs. Hopefully it’s only the “family events” she will worry about. My wife likes my package showing when we are out (though not flagrant).

Good luck with your gains and glad you started posting.

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I really can’t stand briefs, too much constriction on the “bat and balls.” I must admit, I’m still getting used to being a bit more “out there” in public, but I’m starting have fun with it. As I posted earlier, my wife has noticed a difference both during sex and “casual inspection.” Hey, if women show their assets, why shouldn’t we?

I know it is hard as hell to do this time of year, especially if you’re on the backside of 35 yrs, but dropping a few pounds not only will make you healthier, but will let your newly growing dick show better. I’m now 5’ 11”, 185 lbs. For myself, trimming that fat pad, and paring off some inches around my thighs has made a big difference on how I hang and show. It really is big a motivator for getting on that treadmill and gym.

Congrats on the gains, I managed to gain about .25 in the first three weeks but nothing since. Hopefully I will get that extra .25 fairly soon!

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