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Worth getting a cheap ADS

Worth getting a cheap ADS

I’ve been getting some noticeable girth gains after somewhere around 2 months of PE, but I’ve had little to no length gains, something that has been a problem in my previous PE attempts. At 4.5” NBP on a good day, length is always my greater ambition. I’ve been looking into all day extenders, and remembered once a thread listing the top rated ADS’s on the forum, but couldn’t find it. However, I also remember them being around $200, and it made me ask: Are they expensive because they are the originals or because they are the best? There are plenty of ADS’s on eBay for around 29.99 GBP ($50 or so), and they look remarkably similar, but I couldn’t find any reviews on these supposed bootleg versions. I was also hoping to get a V-stretch attachment due to my struggle with length gains, which makes me wonder if I might be better off focusing on the tunica.

NOTE: I haven’t ever really gone on with PE for longer than 2 months, finding a cyclical lack of enthusiasm after 2 months with no distinguishable length. Is an ADS the best idea? Should I try different exercises? Or am I being impatient, and should stick with the advanced end of the newbie routine?

Thanks for any help,


What regime did you follow? Most members say that jelqing leads to girth gains more than length, so I’m wondering how much effort you put into stretching, which is more associated with length gains.

My current routine consists of:

30 seconds stretch each - down, left, right, up then out. - I repeat this 3 times,
- Except on the last one straight out I will do a 1 minute V stretch (Using my toothbrush handle!) instead, followed by a one minute inverted V stretch, then a 1 minute V stretch again.
-The V stretches I’ve only come onto in the past week or so. I have also begun doing one of them on the left hand side of my penis because it’s always been slightly shorter than the other sides for some reason.

I have been trying to stretch 5 days a week, but realistically end up doing around 4, and jelq 2 days on, one day off.

Afterwards I will do 350 2-3 sec jelqs, being slightly shorter than recommended due to having a shorter penis. ^_^

But yes, my penis has become noticeably (to me) meatier, but stubby as always still.

In my opinion you could use this routine
2-inch Growth Comparative Pictures

as a model, reducing the work to your present stage of newbie or such. If you don’t want more girth, you can cut jelqs.

I think you were searching for this thread
Best penis extender/stretcher

Extenders aren’t anywere a ‘fast fix’, they give (on average) slower gains than manual exercises.

You can make an homemade extender that will work not less good than overpriced commercial extenders. There is a clever fellow here who is just working on homemade extenders
Homemade Extender the White Knight 2

give it a look.

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