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Worried. Signs of an injury??

Worried. Signs of an injury??

I think I might have injured myself. I was doing my usual newbie wet jelq routine and I tried something different in the way I milked - nothing aggressive, at least I didn’t think so. Anyway, I noticed almost immediately that red pinspots formed on both sides of my shaft. My EQ went down below normal during the rest of the jelqs. I stopped early because something didn’t feel quite right, no pain though. Now, I find it very difficult to get an erection adn when I do it subsides very quickly, also my thick flaccid hang that I usually get after a jelq is not there, replaced by a shorter, much darker hang.

Does this sound like an injury to anyone that is experienced with injuries??

I think you just overdid; more specifically, too much force. Ease up your grib next times. For now, some days rest is all you need.

Agree with Marinera here. You’ve just overworked a bit and a couple of days rest will hopefully fix the problem.

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It’s no biggie it happens to everyone, but don’t overdue it you need to condition your dick before you start pushing the limits:) .

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