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Will there be benefits if I jelq only

Will there be benefits if I jelq only

I’ve been doing the newbie routine for 3 weeks and have gained half an inch length but I really do not like doing the stretches, it just doesn’t feel right to me. I was wondering therefore if I would still get gains if I was to only jelq. And if there were gains what kind of gains would it be, length or girth?

You’d get a mixture of girth and length gains, most notably girth however.

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Will my progress be much lessened without the stretches??

Thanks beasty one for this :)

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I can’t be sure, but yes length will be considerably more difficult to attain.

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I felt the same way about stretching at first, and focused most of my efforts on jelqing. But it took me 3 months to see 1/2” of length gains.

If you’re interested in gaining length, I suggest you examine what you don’t like about stretching and try to fix it. Jelqing is probably the best all-around PE exercise, but a combination of jelqing and stretching is probably more effective—especially if your primary goal is length.

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