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Why do some men want to be so big

Self esteem issues most likely.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

It’s a rough cycle I think. It’s definitely in our heads. I’ve had 3 girls tell me I was big and I don’t believe any of them. Personally, I know the PE stuff is for my benefit mainly. I’m happy as long as my girl can get off at least once and I’m the biggest she’s ever had. It’s the whole macho thing. I’m sure somewhere during man’s evolution, penis size was important. Now it’s just something that’s ingrained in us.

That’s my non-scientific, scientific explanation :-P

Insecurity and competition.

To wax philosophical here, humans always want more of whatever they think is better.

It’s almost as if we have been conditioned to think that bigger is always better, when time and time again, this has been proven either false or highly subjective. I’ve read several posts here where a guy has finally reached his “ideal” length (usually 8 inches or bigger) and is now finding sex difficult to achieve. Yet they still want more, even after wifey or the gf has told then that they are getting to a point where sex becomes painful. Why would someone want to get so big that it hurts their potential partners? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose or PE?

I think it becomes more of a competition with yourself and other men. We always have stats on our mind, and if we don’t match up or exceed those imagined statistics, then we are inferior creatures and need to work harder to meet or exceed them. When we consider ourselves ahead of the pack, then we feel better about ourselves. Until the pack catches up. Only winners get the girls. And in male psychology it seems “win” equates “bigger, faster, stronger” etc.

There’s also a lot of unconscious (or not so unconscious) fear that a partner will look at your precious junk and be less than satisfied. This creates an anxiety that is hard to break, even when partners try to reassure their guy. But I’m sure we all know that even if you’re huge, and your partner reassures you that your satisfied, there’s always that buzz in the back of your skull saying “I heard Jim Bob has a foot long in his pants. He’s going to take my girlfriend with his massive wang, but if I have a bigger penis than him, maybe she’ll stay with me.”

I often wonder whether men that existed before mass media had the same or similar penis insecurities as modern age men do. It’s been documented that in Ancient Greece a smaller penis was considered ideal. Now it’s the opposite. Do you guys think that a man in the feudal ages cared about the size penis as much as we do today?

Man that was a rant. Next time I’ll try to collect my thought more before I post.

Very good points and I know what you’re talking about in ancient Greece and Rome. There was a certain proportion that was considered “right” and anything longer was ridiculed. Then again, the Romans near the end of their civilization sanctioned the welcoming a boy into manhood by having him sleep with a older man.. Even some Greeks did that if I remember correctly.

But I would think that penis size would have been less of an issue back then anyway. Coveting another’s wife was a good way to get dead at which point it wouldn’t matter what size penis the guy had and dominance at that point was pretty much established.

Maybe it’s more of a dominance thing? It’s easy to loose track of the fact that our society has only embraced woman’s rights fairly recently and maybe instinct still makes us think dominance should be established in any way possible (which obviously is difficult to do in today’s world).

Just some thoughts.

Thanks khearts. I have always just wanted to sexually satisfy my partners, and being larger is just one of those ways. Practice and trying new things works well too. I would hate to be “too big”. If I get 6.5x5 I’ll be a lot bigger than now, and a lot happier.

…and then there’s that nice, smug feeling when you walk into a room knowing you got the biggest tool in the shed.

BTW: Just hit a consistant 8” BPEL! Woo Hoo

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.. And then you watch Nip/Tuck and Christian Troy is always whipping out his 10” dick (reference last Tuesday’s episode)

10”?? geez. hope women (and men) out there in TV land don’t get their hopes up on find a tool that big and on a person. Talk about great expectations.

10/07: BPEL: 7.5" EG: 5.5" Now:BPEL: 8.5" EG: 5.6" Mid Girth Goal: BPEL: 8.5" EG: 6" Early Pics Latest Pics

Yeah, ego has a lot to do with it too. There’s a sort of sick satisfaction gained from knowing that you have one of the biggest dicks in the room. But that doesn’t guarantee you give great sex.

If you achieve a level where sex becomes optimally satisfying for you and your partner, chances are you should be done with PE. This size varies between person to person, greatly in some cases, but if you’re looking for casual hook-ups, I could see why bigger would seem more appealing for the average guy.

From records of what people say here, and my own experience, it seems anything larger than 8 is too much for most women to handle regardless of what they think. I have a 7 nbp in length, and the girl I’m with has on rare occasions been uncomfortable with deep insertion. I’ve talked to a number of women about this issue and they all pretty unanimously agree that if a guy is larger than 8 inches, they may reconsider their proposal for sex. This is probably why 8 inches is the most common “end goal” for guys here.

It’s been said before, but I think it needs reiteration from time to time. Be proud of the size of your junk. If a woman has laughed at your size, fuck ‘em. Becoming better at sex starts with confidence, not penis size.

Strike a happy medium, guys! If you take PE too far, you may risk an unsatisfactory love life (which is why many of us are doing this in the first place, right?).


Amen khearts

FUTURE - - nbp 7.5" x 5.75 =Success


Agreed. The reverse between Roman and Greek cultures preferring small at one point and then large at another, is probably a discrepancy between art and reality. I’m sure all of us have seen classical sculpture, where we look at the private bits with a bit more pride, because most guys tend to exceed the dainty proportions of classically aesthetic wangs. Yet, at the same time, Priapus, the Greek god of male fertility was depicted as having an ENORMOUS penis. In this context, yeah we could see how penis size could be seen as an element of domination. “I am fertile, and this massive penis of mine ensures that my swimmers are going to inpregnate you.” Often, little penis statuary, represented by various demi-gods with large cocks, would be positioned near doorways or inside the home as a sign of good luck, for hopeful healthy child bearing. So even though the more “mainstream” ideal (in this case, small penises) isn’t necessarily represented by the larger society.

I’ve read up on what woman thought about penises in this time, and there is surprisingly little about the subject (I know, I shouldn’t be surprised). Most of what I’ve read have been second hand reiterations of woman who worked as prostitutes, who cared more about their wage than the penis size of the john. The pediastry (young boy love) that existed at the time probably had less to do with penis size and more to do with rites of passage common in the male intelligentsia.

History is written by winners, and hence those with less power are often lost in it’s pages. It’s difficult to come to a conclusion when there is little evidence of popular opinion.


Originally Posted by NYCguy
“It just amazes me that men are always wanting it bigger, even if they are huge.”

We always want bigger and better, especially when it comes to such a sensitive topic as the penis. Also you have to look at it relative, I’m currently at about 7 x 5 and I feel I’m small, it all depends on the person.

Im about the same size, and i think it’s small too :P 8,5” is just a nice number :D

Originally Posted by NYCguy
“It just amazes me that men are always wanting it bigger, even if they are huge.”

We always want bigger and better, especially when it comes to such a sensitive topic as the penis. Also you have to look at it relative, I’m currently at about 7 x 5 and I feel I’m small, it all depends on the person.

Your feelings aren’t warranted. Statistically, you are quite big. You are in at least the 96th percentile for length and 70th percentile for girth.

Originally Posted by noppli
Why do some men want to be so big? As I’m reading through this site, I’ve noticed people who started at 8.5 x5.5 and want to grow. How does one which a 8.5 inch penis go looking for a forum on how to make their penis bigger? I guess as a person who is at 5.25x4.25, I can’t imagine having a penis that large. I just want to get up to average. I doubt I even have the potential to grow over 3 inches in length, but wow. It just amazes me that men are always wanting it bigger, even if they are huge.

Dude, I totally hear you. I am 5.25 NBPEL and at 4.25 EG. I don’t understand the obsession either, but there are a bunch of factors that play in, including the fact that I think with some there is mental illness involved, like an anorexic or bulimia. Given that, there is a rational for the why’s and a coherence to the madness. For most, they really think that if they just have a larger penis, then some how their life will be better. It reminds me of Ted Turner saying, “Success is an empty bag. You just don’t realize it until you get there.” Or, who wouldn’t mind being Brad Pitt, and he said, “You know what, I still have to go to bed every night with who I am.”

Many think if they just get a 9-incher, then life will somehow be better, their ‘love life’ will somehow be better, etc.

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Goals: 17.8cm BPEL 12.7 cm EG

Originally Posted by asnoman
It’s like money and fortunes. We want more and more.

This is true. And this “greedy” point has been made many time before, so some searches will give you some really well thought out responses.

One point made before that sticks out in my mind is that human beings like to “play to our strengths”. So wanting to further develop something that you are above average in — to really stand out! — is a natural trait. Just like the woman that is already 5’10”, yet loves to where high heels to further accentuate her height.

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...


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