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Why do some men want to be so big


I like khearts philosophical view - because it’s all a psychological & philosophical cause to why men feel they need to be so big.

It’s to stuff those damn holes called vagina’s haha

LOL. I tell you what, I am quite smug about the size of my cock until I was perusing another website and came across some guy named quercusone The dude must’ve been 10” easy and I doubt he does PE. Now I’m a very confident guy and it reflects in everything I do (business, $$$, women) but it really did a number on me for some reason, knowing there was someone that much bigger. And not just about my dick size, everything. I shortly snapped out of it but it’s weird how something like this can mess with our minds whether for split second or a lifetime in some cases.

Even though most of us can’t change our dick size to that degree, it must be something that God puts in our psyche to drive us to do better and achieve more. That or just to fuck with our heads.

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It’s all about different perceptions



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