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Why are we so penis-centric

Why are we so penis-centric

A little bit of philosophy and psychology:

So I’ve been thinking a lot about this forum and it’s reason for being. We’ve all got a pretty weird little sub-culture going on here and I think it might be interesting to look at our reasons for being here as well as the reasons behind our reasons. Consider this the start of a “what, why, where, when, how, who” type of thread.

You can, if you want to, also state your version of “what, why, where, when, how, who” (WWWWHW)? I believe these questions are important when gathering information on just about anything you can think of. By gathering a lot of WWWWHW profiles a proper research study can be concluded, or we might just have an interesting read or a laugh or 147000000? Who knows?

First I’ll start with my personal WWWWHW:

Feet.up + thunder’s

WHAT: It’s all about information on dick-enhancement.

WHY: The sense of community is great. The info has a great vintage (trustworthy time-wise). I wanna make my dick longer/POP! There’s no bullshit. You can say “bullshit”.

WHERE: In my house. Never at work. Somewhere close to the southern end of Africa. Http:// Newbie forum (for now).

WHEN: Every morning for about 30mins and in the evening for about an hour I check in here. 3 x 20mins per day. For 2 months this time around (March).

HOW: I use the wench and theraband to hang weight off my dick, 2kg, about just under 5lbs? I also do some pretty intense jelqs and I use golf weights as ADS for about an hour everyday.

WHO: I’m tall (don’t know how tall) skinny, an artist, computer enthusiast.

Now, General thunder’s WWWWHW:

WHAT: Penis enlargement, improving sex, chat

WHY: Lots of information on PE and open-minded people to “consult?” with. Because everyone loves their penis and wants to improve it. Because we can.

WHERE: WWW. Anonymous gathering.

WHEN: Daily, sporadically, when you have something to note, share or research. Since about 15years ago? When did this site start? (Can’t remember, sorry)

HOW: Via the internet, hanging weights, pumping, jelqing, clamping, stretching etc..

WHO: Men, people with penises or those wanting them, interested in them or extremely fascinated by them and their owners LOL.

Larger than life dudes.

FeetUp's method vacuum hanger

“welcome to the brotherhood”. Good luck with your gains

Start: BPEL=16cm EG=13cm

Now: BPEL=18.2cm (approx. 7.2in) EG=13.1cm NBPFL= 13.4cm

Heroes: plein_lee, brain drain, rammln, neophyte, titleist (check these threads for proof)


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