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FeetUp's method vacuum hanger


FeetUp's method vacuum hanger

Haven’t seen this on here. Got the idea when buying gifts for a baby shower. This will work best with a foreskin, but I imagine tape can be used.

Anyway, Didn’t want to write much thats why I drew it. Any questions are welcome. Will attach some “less glamorous” pics of the Feetup-method vac hanger in use soon, meanwhile see if I can illustrate descriptively???

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Larger than life dudes.

FeetUp's method vacuum hanger

Nice work.

(I’ve removed the duplicate thread).

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Also, this makes a great ADS device and will have foreskin lengthening properties. I have only tried it as hanging device, but wil report back on the foreskin progress. My foreskin is like a C5 so I do want some extra foreskin.

Larger than life dudes.

FeetUp's method vacuum hanger

That was a pain to read. Anyway, interesting concept, but it looks like it would pull on the foreskin too much which could be especially problematic for higher weights.

If you press the glans into the the first nipples so that no air can enter or escape before you put the second nipple on I guarantee you the suction and weight is mainly on the glans. Se second nipple just keeps the forskin from pulling back. No actual weigh is on the foreskin. If you allow air to enter between the glans and the first nipple the weight is solely on the foreskin (this is what I’m doing now).

PS: what exactly was a pain to read, my post or the pictures? The picture’s annotations are a bit unclear, try zooming in.

Larger than life dudes.

FeetUp's method vacuum hanger

Text on the image is very small, zooming in helps to an extent, but it makes it very pixelated.

Very interesting and great illustration/diagram. Can you tell me how much weight you have been able to use?

I tried out your method but am unsuccessful in maintaining suction. It ends up just pulling on the foreskin and then slipping off. Gives me a hard-on every time though, so that’s something!

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Oct 2014: 7" NBPEL, 5.5" EG

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I was actually thinking about that recently. See, my glans and the shape of the insite of the nipple is close to the same shape. The difference is made up by the pliability of the nipple being able to mold and shape around the glans.

I also think that the nipple shouldn’t be a lot bigger than the glans. See here it gets difficult because focussing on the glans (which really comes in all shapes and sizes) is quite niche.

Thanks for the feedback. Happy about your hardon - yay!

PS: just remember the shape of the nipple can be reshaped, meaning the “cup” can be cut smaller, so maybe start with it bigger and then cut is smaller if you need to.

Also, vikinsize, are you sure the silicone sealed of the hole to the nipple?

Larger than life dudes.

FeetUp's method vacuum hanger

I also forgot to mention that the tip of the glans does swell up, like isolated pumping, but this soon returns to normal. This also means that you must smooth over the sillicone as much as possible as to not create funny shapes on your glans, lol. Did this too mine with my first device.

This is definitely a low weight method. For some it might be perfect for an ADS rather than a quick session hanger. Due to me working at home I find it possible to hang on lower weights for longer periods. I saw within the last two weeks and increase of about 6mm. Remember the last time you had an increase of just about 6mm, it sounds like nothing when you relate it to anything else, but seeing that increase on your dick is awesome, especially seeing that I was stuck at 19cm for about 8months now.

The fact that this device really stretches from the tip helps alot (I think). With regular hangers you start the stretch about an inch behind the glans. This actually hangs off the tip of the dick.

Also, apart from the swelling on the tip, there is no circulation block. That is why you can hang for longer, much longer, believe me. The glans is also not isolated so no actual blood restrictions happens, just the swelling of the tip and circulation throughout the rest of the glans and shaft.

Larger than life dudes.

FeetUp's method vacuum hanger

feet.up! I love the idea but I am worthless making stuff. Would you consider making one for me? I will of course pay you! How do we know it will fit though…?

I just hurt a blood vessel from hanging the regular way and I see many good points with this construction.

Or maybe you could PM me and give me some advice on the construction while I am trying myself?..

Thank you!!!

Hey Crabman99, You may be useless at making stuff, but I might be useless and making and mailing stuff..

First off, Pls note that this device is only for lighter weights. The difference between this method and the classic vac hangers is it doesn’t suck onto the whole glans, just the tip. Really high weights might cause blisters. I have safely hanged (hung?) 4kg for more than an hour many times, but the tip gets “bloated” (like isolated pumpung).

The thing with this method is that it is so cheap that if you screw it up its not the biggest financial loss. All you need is two nipples, applyable sillicone, an “S”-hook and 24hours (for the sillicone to dry).

As for fit, your glans definitely needs to be bigger than the nipple you choose. Then you need to push your glans into the tip and make sure there is no air bubble between glans and nipple. Then you roll your foreskin forward. Here you will alreaddy see that if you pull on it there will be quite a bit of suction, but if you do pull, you will also see the foreskin is pulling bac, thats why you need the second nipple to just lightly grip onto the foreskin (all the way around) and keep it from rolling back. This causes the excellent suction.

Not to get too sentimental, but thunder’s (and thunder’s alone) has added more than an inch to a dick (well, the support, inspiration and info on thunder’s) that’s why I don’t want to sell the device (in any way), but share it. I mean, who doesn’t want a device with their ALIAS on it, TLIMH (There’s Laughing In My Head!)!


Posting pics of my device in a minute.

Larger than life dudes.

FeetUp's method vacuum hanger

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