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Who started off with 6" NBP?


I started at 6.5 BP and with next to no fat pad. Perhaps 6.25 NBP? Anyhoo, I am currently 7.5”s. I have fark-all idea what my routine was. I did a bunch of jelqing and stretching and had no gains month after month. I finally tried hanging and, with large time investments, did gain.

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I started off with 6 inches NBP. I’ve only been stretching for 2 weeks and jelqing for 2 1/2 months with clamping the past two weeks and I have gained .2 in EG and .3 in length. I am in very good shape so my NBP measurements are only .1-.2 smaller than my BP. So my gains I measure NBP.

Started off at 7.3 BPEL and 6.25-6.3 NBPEL (I forget). I’m at 8.4 BPEL and 7.7 NBPEL as of August 1st. Took a little over a year. My routine is pretty much the same one I started with, 20 minutes of stretching, 20 minutes jelqing/ 3x5 clamping if I can’t jelq for whatever reason.

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