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which PE exercises to avoid regarding excess skin

which PE exercises to avoid regarding excess skin

I’ve been PE-ing for about 3 years now, and I am hitting a plateau. So far I have been doing manual stretches, ADS and clamping (gained about 1 inch).
The MAIN thing for me is to avoid extra skin (I am cut, but loosely, and so want no extra skin; I hope to grow into my skin so to speak).

For this reason I have avoided jelqing and hanging, based on reports on here about excess skin etc.

I was wondering whether this decision is justified (according to you), and whether there are other exercises I could do to overcome the plateau. I am considering a decon break of 3 months as well.


Dry jelqs don’t create excess skin. Hanging with a clamp-style device (muzzle, Bib’ H, etc.), clamping, pumping and wet jelqing create excess skin.

Thanks for your answer.

How does clamping create extra skin? I guess it could yes…. But a lot?

A lot? Depends on how you clamp. Since you have personal experience with clamping, you can answer to this question by yourself :) .

Clamping stretches the skin, which is more easily lengthened than the ‘core’ of the penis; the effect can be more dramatic if there is a lot of fluids build up, due to improper clamping.

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