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Where to get cable clamps


Where to get cable clamps

I’ve searched the site and have seen people saying home depot, walmart, and various other stores.

I’ve been to sears, home depot, Lowe’s and best buy but they didn’t have them. Going to try walmart tomorrow.

Can anyone tell me a store that I can most definitely find them in. And perhaps what section of the store they would be in.

Thanks in advance for the replies

Walmart should have them. Go to the hardware area and then look for them near the extension cords.

Walmart. I got mine there over a year ago, but I see no reason why they would not still have them. Remember that you want a “medium” size one (there are 3 sizes: small, medium and large).

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I guess walmart it is. Thanks guys.

Big Z

I just got some at Home Depot, they had a large bin of them. The name on them is Cable Cuff and in the electical department.

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I looked in Home Depot but couldn’t find them. Asked a guy that worked there and he didn’t know if they had them or not or even where they might be in the store. So I’m going to Walmart and hopefully I’ll find them otherwise I guess I’ll have to spend some time wondering around Home Depot looking for them again. Will make sure I look in electrical first.

I got a couple packs at Walmart but each pack had one medium and two smalls. Are they readily available anywhere in just medium?

I had to buy mine in a pack, something like 2 mediums and 2-3 smalls. I wonder if the manufacturers of cable clamps know what their product is actually being used for. Also, I wonder what percent of sales are actually used for PE; I bet it could be a fairly decent portion! Just a thought.

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Are cable clamps those little plastic strips with the jagged inside where you sort of push it into the other end?

Found them at ace hardware.

Where to get in Australia

Does anyone know where I can purchase the cable clamp here in Australia? I am in Melbourne.

Big Morry

Just found out on another thread that they have them at bunnings Morry.

Although I haven’t been to check it out yet (having read it a minute ago)

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Bear in mind those of you buying clamps for the first time will have to produce your '3 months on the Newbie Routine' loyalty cards at the checkout.

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