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Where to attached a weighted hanger

Where to attached a weighted hanger

I’ve been doing PE for over 3 years and I never really got into hanging because I don’t want to buy a hanger and never really liked any of the hangers I’ve made.

Then I saw a picture.. The hanger was attached to the base of the penis instead of at the end near the tip..

Now I’m think what the fuck?. Am I retarded and have been doing it wrong all these years? I also used to do manual stretches by grabbing the head then later found out I should be doing it about an inch below the head near the circumcision scar..

So where the hell do you attached your hanger at on your unit? A picture of one would be helpful to. Thanks!

Probably want to jump over to the hanging section of the forums, but basically the hanger shouldn’t be attached too close to the glans. You don’t want the head of the penis taking that kind of pressure and I believe you seat low in the hanger to keep pressure off the top of the penis near the head as there are sensitive nerves in that area.

This thread should help, there are some pictures and diagrams to show wrapping and hanger attachment for different types of hangers:

Hanging 101

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I attach it about 1-inch from the gland and sometimes right at the base I like to alternate and sometimes I just put it on without paying much attention so it goes in the middle. It takes a good month + to get the hang of how to wrap and where to position the hanger so you don’t cause all the stain on the skin at the base. My advice is to follow the hanging routine and do low weight sets and get use to hanging and wrapping .

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Thanks, and yeah I would have posted in the hangers section but I don’t have enough posts yet. I’ve read a lot of the hangers threads including the one you just posted but never really see any pictures of where they attach it.

There’s a diagram in there that gives some guidelines for attaching the hanger, scroll down to part 4 in that thread. It show an illustration of distances for the wrap and the hanger.

Also, there’s a good video that helped me a lot, just to see someone wrapping and attaching a bib hanger. If you search for Bib Hanger How To video you should find it, I don’t know if it’s an authorized video or ok to link from this site, but it was helpful to me.

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