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Where can I find the foam jelq roller

Where can I find the foam jelq roller

Does anybody know where can I find the jelq roller foam for the lowest price that is exactly like the

And I’m not talking about some other foam. But I wanna exactly the same as that jelqdevice roller foam for the lowest price.

I wouldn’t buy it. Your own two hands do a much better job.

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You can make your own pretty inexpensively. The hardware is made of canning tongs - you just put foam over the handles. There are other posts here that tell you exactly how. I got my tongs from Amazon and the foam from Lowes.

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I agree with gprent !

I also in my early days used one for months plus a Bathmate they done nothing.

Your hands are far more effective plus a lot safer.

Whats an alternative to Lowes? We don’t have that in our region.

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Originally Posted by Demerit1

Whats an alternative to Lowes? We don’t have that in our region.

Any store that sells home improvement and plumbing stuff. Although I’ll weigh in on the “save your money and use your hands” side. I also seem to remember that there was some concern about possible dorsal nerve damage if one used it horizontally.

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