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Originally Posted by Damnwork
If it was in an attempt make him insecure and to convince him to get the surgery then yeah I agree. Fact is he was already knocked out from the gas and naked on the table. Plus I’m not 100% about this, but in a hospital I don’t think you get paid per patient. That happens when you go into private practice. Also, that’s just concerning that video not klabanus’s experience.

It was a private practice so they were getting paid by the patient. It’s a well-known phalloplasty company and is named in the video. In general, I found that whole sequence rather creepy. The part that was most disturbing was the guy who served in the liaison role between the company and the patient Jerrod (sp?). This guy was supposed to be the Jerrod’s “friend” and he was encouraging him to go ahead with surgery despite the fact that his dick was already very big.

The nurses making those comments were clearly doing so because to do otherwise would likely have cost them their jobs since they work for the phalloplasty firm. It seems like a really scummy industry filled with equally scummy people.

Thanks for all the replies and nice words!

I am amazed how friendly everyone seems to be on this forum. You don’t see that anywhere on the net!

To clarify the doctor story. I’ve always been pretty athletic and muscled because I always liked sports. I’m also pretty large. When I visited the doctor I was around 17 years old. She was very young replacing my old doc. I think she was around 24. I figured she expected me to have a large penis just because of the rest of my body. She could also been new to the job and just simply not have seen a lot of penises yet or have a boyfriend with a large one. I don’t know, but it did make me insecure. I changed to another doc directly after.

One of my friends is hung like a horse. He dated a girl who was a virgin when they met. They are still together after 10 years. She probably doesn’t know any better that a man has a 10 inch-er. I figured she could have been the doctor if you know what I mean.

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I was the same way as you when i started being very self conscious, once i got some gains and my dick felt big to me Jesus Christ the confidence i have. Think of it this way don’t compare yourself with other people, just be like damn my dick is big in comparison to the only other one i ever had.

God luck bro

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