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When to Fowfer?

When to Fowfer?

I want to start doing fowfers(I’m looking to increase flaccid size)but I can’t seem to really get the time. Most of my free/alone time goes to doing my routine. Can I do fowfers on my off days? If so, would doing it every 3 days yield results?

Also, IF I do get time on my workout days can I still fowfer on these days after a good workout? My dick seems pretty tired after the routine. I don’t want to do damage.

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I try to do them anytime I’m sitting at the computer.

I haven’t been doing them to long, but I have noticed results

Include it in your stretch routine.

Do it whenever you have the spare time. Fowfers are low intensity enough that you can do them after a workout and not be overstressing.

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My goal, which I am still far from, is to Fowfer without ceasing. It typically does not require privacy, just get a good tuck and hold it. I do less intense Fowfers sitting at my computer and driving, but I try to really stretch it out watching TV or going to sleep.

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Bed fowfers.

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