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When stretching, where should you feel the stretch

When stretching, where should you feel the stretch

I haven’t seen this addressed—

Whenever I do manual stretches, I feel the stretching at the base of the penis. Should I be feeling the stretch mid shaft? And also, when I stretch, I never get to my EL, which is a little under 6”. Is it standard for your max stretch length when flaccid to be less than your erect length?

Yes, when doing manual stretches you should be feeling it near the base, as you’re stretching your ligaments which are not midshaft. As far as your BPFSL being less than your BPEL as you say, I’ve found that it varies from person to person. Mine is the same way.

You can check out this thread for illustrations: Illustrations of the Tunica and Ligs.

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When I stretch I feel it at the base as well. However mostly on the right side, and I curve to the right as well. I hope the stretching will improve the symmetry.

Yeah, same with me—I feel it more on the left and I curve more to the left. I also seem to have a problem staying flaccid while stretching.

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