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When natural gains stopped

When natural gains stopped

How old were u when u noticed your dick had become its full (natural) adult size… as in before u started PE ing… 16,17,… 20?.. 21?.. older?

thanx :)


It depends on when you go through puberty or what not. I think it would be like, 17-18 for most. Why how old are you?

Also, read the forum guidelines when you get chance. Thanks!


I, personally, can’t say what my NATURAL non-PE’ed measurement was. I didn’t measure for about 20 years (i’m 33 now).

But when i was 13, i was 8” bpel (i caught a lot of shit when i gave my measurement in my 1st post and guys doubted. But it’s true.) I’m about 9 1/2” now. But i don’t know how much was natural (ie: i got taller since i was 13 and everything grew in proportion. My dick grew in proportion as i got taller, so i know some of my size is natural. And i haven’t been PE’ing that long, so not a lot is PE related).

But i did do some things about 10 years ago because my penis had some SERIOUS angles in it (i went into some detail about what my penis used to be like in the “One Lig Longer Than The Other…” thread by Wannabelarge99, which can be found in the Newbie Forum).

What motivated me was: I was looking at some porn and there was a guy who LOOKED pretty long. But i thought that i was longer, and thought that his VISUAL was different because his penis was straight where as mine had two SERIOUS angles in it. I think that i got some length from what i was doing but didn’t bother to measure, because i didn’t think of it as CREATING NEW GROWTH. I looked at it as making it look as long as it actually was, by taking the angles out of it (think of it like this: You can take a rope and wind it up so it occupies a small space. But if you straighten it out, it’s how ever long that it actually is.)

And since i wasn’t doing what doing what we’re doing here (trying to create NEW growth) i didn’t bother to measure. So my answer is that i don’t exactly know what my NATURAL measurement was. But i calculate anything above the 8” measurement at 13, since that is the only measurement that i’m 100% certain of. But in reality it’s not even close to accurate because i know i grew some after that.

And i didn’t measure before i started PE (probably because i wasn’t fully convinced that PE would work. I just figured that i would be able to tell by eye if it was working). So i guess that’s a long answer to say that i’m not sure what my NATURAL adult non-PE’ed size was.

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