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When I stretch, glans gets really red.

When I stretch, glans gets really red.

When I stretch, I stretch an inch below the head like I’m suppose to BUT I find after stretching, the head is extremely red and there is one, maybe two tiny bumps near the hole of my dick. And after weeks of stretching it got a little black and blue so I had to stop till the bruise went away. So clearly, I’m doing something wrong but don’t know exactly what. Am I using too much force, and pushing blood in to the head as I stretch?

Do you take all the blood from the glans before you start stretching? Some people say take all the blood out, some people say to leave a little blood to help grip. I’d do less force or warm up longer if I was you. You don’t want to get injured. Maybe someone more experienced can help you.

You are trapping blood in the glans and this acts like a clamp, causing the red spots and bruising.

Try not gripping quite so hard and taking a bit more time to get used to what your dick can take, this is a marathon not a sprint.

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I try to grip lighter, but it’s hard to hang on unless I’m squeezing the life out of it 8|

Have you tried doing helicopter shakes and kegels after each stretch to keep blood flowing to it? That’s what I do and it seems to have worked for me, thus far.

Right, so looser grip? That would also mean softer stretch, and thats okay?

I found that if I reduced the amount of time I stretched from over a minute to 30 seconds or less I improved blood flow and could stretch more. More often than not I found stretching in the same place all the time created more injuries than gains. It wasn’t until I started stretching for 2 or 4 sets of 30 seconds, then moved up a half inch to an inch and did another 2 or 4 sets that I really saw improvements because of the even wear and tear. As a bonus if you start from just behind the head and move towards the base each set you’ll see an increase in head girth. balloon up a little and let the erection subside under your grip and you’ll really see girth and length explode.Try it out for yourself and tell me if you see a difference.

I’m sorry divider, I don’t quite understand.

Loosening the grip would mean a less intense stretch, is that okay?

Get as flaccid as possible man I had the same problem. Some times I can think away all the blood,run before stretching or rub one out and let it deflate. It help me get a better stretch, got a better grip and more fatigue.

Starting stats- bpel-6 1/4 Eg-4 3/4

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So how do I ‘drain the blood’ out?

Masturbate before stretching works good

Starting stats- bpel-6 1/4 Eg-4 3/4

Now-bpel-6 3/4Eg-5"

Originally Posted by Bigdog51
Masturbate before stretching works good

How soon before do you do this? Or how much time between jerking and PE? Just curious.

Ill work out before or try to get in a zone where I don’t get hard. If it doesn’t work I masturbate and let it go flaccid then stretch. I’m a grower so it gets really deflated right after.

Starting stats- bpel-6 1/4 Eg-4 3/4

Now-bpel-6 3/4Eg-5"

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