When I jelq.

I have been doing the routine(for jelqing at least) as suggested by experienced PEers.warm up with rice sock for 10 minutes,jelq for same-give or take, and then warm down with rice sock. However, when I jelq, I can usually only get one,maybe two “GOOD” jelqs in before I get too limp. As I would understand, or think it, I am pushing ALL the blood up to the top of my penis.so I am about 85%-90%+ when I start my jelq, and when I get all the blood to the tip, my penis starts to get flacid because there is no more blood towards the bottom(I try to hold all the blood up at the top after initial jelq). I still continue for about 10 jelqs total even though I am pretty soft, and it doesn’t seem like any more blood is being pushed to the top, as it is ALL already there. I even try looking at porn videos while doing it, and yet I can’t retain a hard-on after initial 1-2 or 3 jelqs. So my question is, is this a correct way to do it?-pushing “ALL” the blood, that fills your penis, to the tip? Isn’t that the purpose, to get all the blood up there to fill it and make it bigger, expanding the area? And if I am doing this correctly, do I need to do it for a lot longer since I can only get 1-2 or 3 true jelqs in before being too soft? And BTW, I am incorporating a 10-15 second LS stretch after the 10th jelq, while holding the blood in the tip(don’t know if this is a good thing or not, trapping blood while LSing?).