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When do you find the time?


When do you find the time?

I have PE’d off and on for a while, but can’t seem to find the time to put in the 30 min. or more needed for any sustained gains. When do you guys do it? Don’t want to share with wife until it is noticable.

As you can see by the time of day it is, I get up incredibly early. She knows about it but I like the privacy.

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I also get up fairly early: 4 a.m. If you’re not an early riser, I guess you can also just stay up an extra half hour.

I work from home which is a bonus, but do most of my PEing in the shower anyhow, so as yet the girlfriend doesn’t know…

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I’m doing it at night before going to bed. I’m sharing an apartment with my sister, so I have to wait till she’s asleep.

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I actually do mine mostly at work. 15 minutes in the bathroom three times a day. And then one session right before bed after the Mrs is asleep. She knows about it, but like stubtoe, I like the privacy, and my wife really doesn’t want to know when I am doing it.


If I only stopped visiting Thunder’s, maybe I’d get some time to do PE in…

regards, mgus

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Thanks guys,

I normally get up early also, and suppose I could just get up a little earlier and ‘workout’ mr. wiggles before I go to the gym.

Time yourself and become more efficient

I’m on the newbie routine and can get things done in 20-25 minutes, here’s how:

1) instead of “hot wrapping” for five minutes I just shower for ten minutes and then turn the heat up adn let it hit my dick for the last 5 minutes or so while I brush my teeth. I used to shower 10 minutes anyways, now I’m just more efficient and I cut more time by brushing my teeth in there.

2) I set a towel on the toilet and use that as my spot for the jelqing. I have a watch adn use the timer to make sure I’m efficient with my stretching time. I do 10, 30 second stretches with 10sec intervals btwn. Then I get with the jelqing with my watch running. I find that if I don’t get distracted and keep a watch to monitor timing I can get it done within a matter of 20-25.

3) after I’m done the real workout, I get a rice sock for my post hot wrap adn leave it on in the car on my way out for the day. You can even just keep it in your jacket pocket and position it over your dick.

4) I get my clothes together the night before and bring them into the bathroom with me when I shower. This cuts down more time spent stumbling around looking for stuff in the morning when I’m a zombie.

This is how I’ve taken it in stride with my morning routine.

Hope this helps,


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Good post Tommy. I too was stressing with having time to do my routine. But I will alternate days with pumping.

I work at 7am and commute takes about 45 mins to 1hr. I get up at 4:30 and take a shower and all that, and use water to heat myself up for 5-8mins, then I do stretch for 5-10mins and jelq until 5:30, which usually takes about 10-20mins of 1-2sec jelqs. So far that’s my preparatory routine, I will change it if I don’t see results by june or july. Although I just started so I probly wouldn’t expect so much.

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I make my session in the early morning before breakfast, and sometimes in bed, when my wife insn’t there.

I like my privacy, too.

We have a dog. My wife walks it 30-45 minutes every morning. Perfect PE time :)
Thank you dog.


Am I the only one that thought “Oh crap, no!!!!”

When reading the start of Oden’s post, “We have a dog.”

Glad it went in a different direction, and yes I am getting help for my deviant thinking.

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Originally Posted by iamaru
Am I the only one that thought “Oh crap, no!!!!”

When reading the start of Oden’s post, “We have a dog.”

Glad it went in a different direction, and yes I am getting help for my deviant thinking.

I just burst out laughing (in my office) when I read that.

Anyway, I do my PE at the office when I get here at 7:00 a.m. and finish before anyone comes in at 8:30. I usually pump but sometimes just jelq. Occassionally hang.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

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