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When Did You Guys Started To See A Change After The Jelq Exercise.

When Did You Guys Started To See A Change After The Jelq Exercise.

I’m about to start doing the Jelq Exercise and I just have a few questions. How many times should I do it a day, how long should I do it for, how many days or months is it when you start seeing a change, and when does the Jelq exercise just stop working?

Hello JiggaMan =]

You should do jelquing only once a day, 10 to 15 minutes if you are new to PE, increasing the time of exercises with time (2 months and you change your schedule [that’s what I’m doing, and it’s going super =D]).

Just a note: do the exercises correctly(the way they are shown in the videos) <=== very important =]

I’ve been doing PE for about a month now. This is what I do. I do a variation of the newbie routine.

5 minute hotwrap. Search for hotwrap in forum for explanation. I take a shower.
10-15 minute manual stretches for 30 seconds. Stretch when flaccid.
300 3 second wet jelq strokes. If your starting, do 200.
5-10 minute stretches.
finish off with hot wrap

Do kegels whenever.

Takes me about 45-60 minutes. I do two days on, 1 day off. Rest is important.
Changes are determined by your work routine and your penis. Changes aren’t definite. There are some people who experienced no changes with PE, while others get big changes.

Read the Newbie sticky at the top of the forum. It answers all of your questions, plus has some useful videos.

Yep, what Slack wrote. That thread will walk you threw getting started, and has links to how to threads for all of the exercises. Some few guys will see gains right from the get go, some will not. In a week or two just about everyone will notice an increase in flacid size, both length and girth.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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