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What's wrong with me

What's wrong with me

Hey I’ve been a long time viewer of this forum however I still haven’t started a fully regiment PE workout. I already go to the gym plus I have school work and it just doesn’t seem like I have time to have a consistent PE workout. My EL is just pushing 5” and my girth is about 3”(aka small pee pee), I’m about 6’ and 170lb and fairly average body type.

Well anyways I have some issues(.I know don’t we all), last night was my 19Th birthday and me and my friends decided to hit up the strip club! Now I was filling my head with all these scenarios where I’m getting a lap dance and the stripper lady grabs my crotch and just laughs or something. So I was being very conscious about my penis and how small it was.

So we get to the strip club and we order a couple of beers and just chill out, but for some reason I wasn’t feeling aroused at all. I was staring at some very hot girls mind you and I couldn’t even get a semi errection. It was just so weird, I don’t know maybe my sex drive is down from working out to much plus stress of school and because I masturbate alot or maybe I’m gay and I don’t know it yet. So anyways, there was a stripper there and it was her 19th birthday too and she was SMOKING hot like perfect 10, when the girl gets on stage to dance the dj calls me up on stage and the girl begins to tie me to the poll and pull my pants down and all I’m thinking right now is please pop a boner common please please.and nothing. Now on top of all this the girl looks at my tiny penis and she laughs on stage infront of like 80 other random people(which was a big confidence hit for me). She then proceeds to do her little dance and take a belt and whoop my ass with it and I go sit back in my chair. And as soon as I get back in my chair my buddies were like why weren’t you pitching a tent and I didn’t know what to say. I have never actually been with a girl my whole life, I’m mostly just scared of rejection and that she won’t be happy with my penis size. I’m not a bad looking guy, girls have been interested in me but I am just so insecure.

I came to the PE forums for help because I was thinking that maybe if I enlarged my penis I would have more condidence in myself and I could get over this phobia of women, however I have read so many posts with people in sort of the same situations and for the most part the responses they got were saying that PE won’t help them because they will find something else wrong with them and focus on that. So I’m asking for some help, what should I do.

First of all it’s perfectly normal to not get an erection in a anxiety-provoking situation like that. I don’t tend to get boners just by looking at naked chicks (outside the context of hooking up with one) anyway.

Second, adding some size to your dick MAY give you some additional self-confidence with women. There are frequent warnings around here that PE will not solve all your problems — and it won’t — but it sounds like in your case, it may be one of the main sources of your insecurities.

As far as your nervousness about women, beyond dick size, other guys will probably have better advice — I tend to have some self-consciousness issues around women myself, at least when I’m sober :) ;)

Welcome to the forum, by the way.

Nothing is wrong with you. At least nothing that most guys can’t relate to. As PG said, not being able to get a boner in a stressful situation like that is nothing unusual. Happens to the best. Fact of life is that we aren’t machines who can just turn a switch and produce a raging hard on in any given situation at command, if only. So, I wouldn’t worry about it, but chalk it up as another eduactional life experience.

Being uncertain about your dick size is also nothing unusual, and fortunately something you can change by both a solid PE regime and some uplifting experiences with the ladies; amazing how a single remark about your cock can boost your confidence sky high or reduce it to ashes.

My recommendation would be to start the newbie routine, stick with it, and not worry about what any given women might think about your dick or any other part of your anatomy for that matter. I wasted years of my life worrying about this or that, only to realize that it never did me any good and never will, i.e. try to relax and see where things go.

Good luck!

Hey Bigman, Mule is right start with the newbie routine. Its actually a very good one. I not new to PE, but I am new to this forum and I do the newbie routine since I do not have time for more exercising. Don’t stress over this, but if you think you need a bigger dick, fine, but it takes a lot of work patience and time. Befor you start, read all the guidlines with warming up and warming down. Don’t over do it for the first 2 weeks.

Hey Bigman, welcome to the forum.

By the way, are you sure you’re measuring girth right? A 3” girth seems a bit unusual for a relatively average-length cock.

Thanks for the response Para-Goomba and Mule, especially so quickly. I actually feel a bit better knowing that I’m not abnormal. I never really talk to people about my sexual problems because it’s just so akward. So being able to at least tell someone is a little relieving. I definitely want to start PEing but being in school and living on res gives me like no time or privacy my roomate is always here and I can’t just sit in the shower for half an hour doing PE. As for girls, what should I do if say a girl wants to fool around with me. I don’t want what happened to me last night where the stripper pulled down my pants and then laughed. Should I just tell the girl in advance that I don’t have the big dick?

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
By the way, are you sure you’re measuring girth right? A 3” girth seems a bit unusual for a relatively average-length cock.

Actually I am not, I don’t have a measuring tape so I just used my ruled and did an estimate on how much girth I have. What should my girth be?

I aways asked myself that questions: Whats wrong with me.. I quit doing that, because there was to much to think about. These days I ask my self whats right with me..

Just kidding ;)

But If your dick will get bigger you ll maybe get your confidence back, but I think there more then that to it.

>>>like no time or privacy my roomate is always here

You should be able to do some basic stretches and dry jelqs silently in bed without detection. If your bed aren’t bunked (i.e., he could see you from his bed), just roll over to face the wall and he’ll never see anything. He’d just think you were jerking off, anway, if he did suspect something.

>>>Should I just tell the girl in advance that I don’t have the big dick?

If it’s a girl you know really well and trust a lot — and I think that kind of girl is probably your best bet for a first hook-up — then sure, it might be worth mentioning the issue (at an appropriate time, like when it’s clear that she’s going to reach into your pants while you’re making out) if it will help you relax and feel more sexually comfortable/confident around her. In general it’s not useful to express sexual insecurity to women, but it’s true that a 3” girth is probably smaller than what she may be used to seeing, so a little “warning” that you aren’t as big as might be expected by your height/weight should prevent any terrible reactions like the stripper had. (Not that any worthwhile woman would treat you shitty like that stripper did!)

>>>Actually I am not, I don’t have a measuring tape so I just used my ruled and did an estimate on how much girth I have. What should my girth be?

Okay, what you need to do is take a strip of ordinary paper and measure off inches on it (mark it up with a pen or pencil), then wrap that strip of paper around your erect cock to determine girth. You don’t need a tape measure.

My guess is that your girth is at least 4” if your length is 5”. If this is correct, then your dick is not that unusually small and you don’t have much to worry about in terms of a woman’s reaction, assuming she is into you and is a sensitive person.

Well I measured my girth and It’s about 4.8” maybe a bit more or less I couldn’t get a full erection though. I am definitely going to start the newbie routine,thanks a lot for the help I’m way more motivated to start PEing now. This is a great forum!

You’d better change your name to Bigmanaveragedick then as that’s not small.

Okay, well, at that girth, you penis is already firmly in the “average size” category. You have nothing to worry about with women, really, except your own worries :)

I just had to comment on your post - ( I know you have already had some good supportive replies) but I think you were being way to hard on yourself. With the anxiety that you already felt combined with a very humiliating experience would have resulted in 99% of guys not being able to get an erection - including those who are hung like donkeys. Erections do not occur automatically. The brain governs your responses to situations and it is your psychological evaluation (conscious and subconscious) that determines whether you get aroused or not. In the same way that a man falls in love with and sexually desires the person who reflects his own deepest values. As far as your issue with “size” is concerned - in my experience, penis size does matter to some women but not to all. You are not exactly tiny. I am an average 6 (but I’m working to increase to a happy 7.5). Just as big breasts matter to some men but not to us all. Just remember that most women are just as anxious about their own bodies - if not more so (have I known some!). In addition to starting a PE routine, you could boost your confidence a little by building up your body, working out/ tightening muscles etc. Keeping in good physical shape is a boost. In my work I have known male fashion models who have great bodies with average penises but they are never short of girlfriends. I am sure you are not gay (not that that’s a problem - a person’s character is way more important than their sexuality). Good luck with your routine. I am a newbie too here at Thunders.

Hey man, just reading this, and like everyone said, it’s not unusual to not get aroused in a situation like that. Also, in regards to your penis, your girth was much higher than you thought it was, and you’re average that way. Is your erect length also just 5 inches? Like, bone pressed, I mean. I bet if you measured that incorrectly, it could be closer to 6-6.5. I dunno about you, but if I realized I what I had was actually a good deal bigger, that would be an instant confidence boost.

If a situation like with that stripper ever happens again, where a girl is trying to get you hard and you aren’t, don’t let it get to you. Take a deep breath, and give the most bored-ass disinterested look ever. Look completely calm even if you have icy-sweaty palms and your heart is racing. It completely throws the embarrassment back at the girl, since she’s all, “holy crap, this guy isn’t interested.” Maybe let them catch you checking out other women, so they can’t say you’re gay, if you’re worried about that.

Chill out man, you’re in a good place, physically. Just get your mental state there.

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