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Whats the most effective exercise to gain length

Whats the most effective exercise to gain length

Hey peoples, my penis when erect is approximately 5.5 inches, and I’m trying to get it to approximately 7-8 inches, can anyone help me in telling whats the most effective exercise to do to gain length. IF anyone can help , it will be much appreciated.

Man if we knew that, we would all be doing it. Read up. Use the search key in the right upper hand corner and go crazy with it.

Personally, hanging seems to be the most logical to me. I got the time.


Welcome to the forum! Many people here believe that hanging and stretching are probably the most effective ways of gaining length. Jelqing has also been effective for many—especially when it is done with a weak erection.

As a newbie, however, you must walk before you can run. I suggest doing the newbie routine for a couple of months before trying anything more ellaborate. This will help to condition your penis and prepare it for more strenuous work later.

Many people get excellent gains from the newbie routine. Don’t rush your progress. I suggest you keep with the newbie routine as long as you are gaining.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

What is the newbie routine?

Hey guys, thanks for the reply and thanks for your


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