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What's the best workout "finisher"?

What's the best workout "finisher"?

I’ve been looking around about what to do after routine to maintain flaccid hang/heal in elongated state/avoid turtling etc.
There are plenty of “finishers”: cool down (with variety of methods), warm down (also loads of methods), edging/ballooning after, stretching after workout.

The main question is: are bed fowfers can be consider as a gentle stretcher after workout? I’ve found some info about “gently stretching while turning to body temperature” and I’d like to check it, but in some my idea.
The idea is to immidiately after workout tuck the package (as in bed fowfer) and keep it for several minutes. Has anyone tried it? What were the results?

Also, who did edging or ballooning after workout? How often? What are the results?

Thanks in advance for answers.

The best “finisher” is, I think, what Gprent suggested years ago. Finish your workout with a good erection so you know everything works and that you didn’t overdo something during PE. Then relax and enjoy life. :)



So, You suggest no warm, no cold, no stretch, just get rock-on and be happy being a man? Interesting idea… I will try it. Thanks for advise.

Aby other suggestions?


Hehe quite good idea, but it’s not what I’m talking about. I mean, what other suggestions about how to cement/maintain the enlargment after workout.

In Newbie Routine it is said that the warm down is the way to go. For me, it isn’t the best method. For most of my routine I was doing isometric erect kegels for 5-10mins, but it wasn’t suberb.

Warm down is my finisher,

Just a light stretch with the rice sock

I always edged and got some nice gains. But it could be a bit too much for some, so be careful.

Interesting… Thanks for advises!

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