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What's Safe To Do Unwarmed

What's Safe To Do Unwarmed

Hello everyone,

New to PE and couldn’t be happier. Been in it about 10 days and my unit hasn’t been this ready and battle-fluffed since High-school when the only thing young girls know to do to get you ready for the 4th time in a row is to yank harder and faster.

Currently doing stealth PE, so would like to get opinions on what is generally regarded as safe (GRAS) for doing on the fly, like during bathroom breaks.

I’ve been experimenting with some dry jelqs, JAI’s and bed fowfers and my PI’s seem to remain positive.

I mix this up with a proper, warmed up newbie routine.

Do you think I’m okay with the unwarmed stuff I’m doing?

Thanks very much for the help and inspiration.

Welcome to PE and Thunders, doingvoodoo! It’s definitely preferred to get some kind of warm up in, but listen to your body. If it works for you, then do your thing.

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Maybe 10-15sec stretches

I usually don’t warm up before stretching as I do not have the privacy. I have not experienced any negatives but I also do not know if I could be gaining faster if I were warming up. As far as dry jelqing goes, start out with some very light ones as a warmup. I believe that light jelqing to start with can take the place of a hot-water warmup. Just don’t push yourself too hard.

I believe heat is one of the most important aspects of PE and I personally wouldn’t do a thing without warming up, but that’s just me.

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Nothing. Better safe than sorry.

How much time does a 5 minute warm-up take?

Only 5 minutes!

(maybe a couple piss-pulls are ok, but just don’t stretch the hell out of it. Me I am more likely to to “shake it out” after a bathroom break, to get a little blood into it so I hang better. I save the PE for the PE session)

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There is a general consensus that gains will be faster and safer with warmups. That being said, some people don’t at all. I personally believe it is essential to all exercises.

Piss pulls are perfectly safe and beneficial. I have stretched quite a bit without warmups with no injuries but I always feel the stretches would have been better with a warmup.

I would simply say, try what feels OK and be careful. Just keep in mind that it is a risk and might hinder gains.

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Thanks very much to everyone for your guidance.

I would like to stretch a little while at work too, maybe 1-2 30 second stretches every time I take a leak. Not hard stretches, just a good pull. Gotta start somewhere as privacy allows.

I have never done a warm-up when doing PE. Never. Some people don’t need warm-ups, and other people do, but I might have gained more if I did warm-ups.

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