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Whats next

Whats next

I have been doing this for six months. Currently, I work out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and rest on the weekends. I normally use a wet cloth to apply heat. I do the basic stretches before I jelq, and I jelq until I feel thoroughly worked out. It usually takes me about 50 jelqs before my penis gets exhausted. After this I apply more heat, and kegel with the wet cloth. I finish with a few more basic stretches.

The problem is that I think I have stopped growing, however, I feel as if I am working myself out thoroughly. I wouldn’t be able to handle working out more days of the week. Can anyone suggest what I should do next? How do I keep growing? Essentially, I don’t know what to add next after the newbie routine.

Any advice is appreciated and
Thanks for reading

Maybe you could give us more detail on your stretches, how long they are and how many reps in each position. Just from looking at the jelqing routine, it doesn’t seem like very much. Even at 5 seconds/jelq, that is just roughly over 6 minutes. But more detail on your stretches would be a great start, as well as your goals (length or girth), and what progress you’ve made so far month-by-month.


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