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What volume equals large?

I think I’m 23.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

If you play around with the formula you can sorta see where girls bogus claims of 12inch cocks come from. 8X6 is easily double the size of average in terms of mass/volume
and since people in the real world assume 6 is average and know nothing about girth measurements. Double 6 becomes 12.

Something like 7X5.25 is around 15 in volume so that’s 1.5 times average. To a girl that’s a 9incher (1.5 X 6 = 9). Something to think about next time you hear girls bragging about big numbers. There not necessarily lying they just speak a different language. That language is volume. There’s an old thread on this, pretty interesting read.

The TRUE Size Experts

Start Jan08 7.20 X 5.35 BP ----> NOW 9.75 X 6.50 BP

8.75NP 6.8BaseEG. The Krod Pics thread

Good point.

Originally Posted by Krod
Volume is (L x G x G)/(4 x Pi)

Example 8X6 is roughly 23cubic inches

(8 x 6 X 6) / (4 x 3.14)

(288) / (12.56)

= 22.93

But of course that is assuming the penis is perfectly round/cylindrical, which it never is. I think surface area is what we should be looking at NOT volume.

Let’s say we have man A and man B. Both have an 8x6. HOWEVER, man A has a perfectly round/cylindrical shaft, while man B has a far more flattened/elliptical shape (ie. very wide but with little depth). man A would have a far far far greater volume than man B, even though their stats are the same. But look then at their surface areas- these will always be identical for given stats…

So if you really want to increase volume, then just work on trying to make your shaft more cylindrical ;)

I think surface area is the real factor we should be thinking about here though, as is relates to the amount of stretch the vaginal walls undergo…

Yes, I believe a circle gives the maximum volume for the largest perimeter. For example at 6 in circumference, 2 pi r =6, which gives r=0.955 inches. So the area is (pi)r^2=2.86 inches squared area. Now if you are almost a rectangle that is 1 inch thick by 2 inches wide, then you have an perimeter of 6 inches but an area of 1 inch x 2 inch = 2 inch^2. So equal girth does not always give the same volume, because it depends on the object shape. So the issue is we are calculating volume incorrectly because the calculation which most people use assumes the girth is a perfect circle.

My girth has actually increased very little over the last month, but my volume has greatly because I am more circular now.

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How did you get more circular?!?!?! Give me your secret? :mwink:

Mine is 26.897

I dont believe that there is really much variation in penis shape; ie: one guy is perfectly cylindical and the next is flattened and oblong. Just my opinion, having seen thousands of penises in a 20 year medical career (not to mention, having watched a lol of porn. LOL).

The equation does overestimate; however, as penises taper at the end, while the equation does assume a perfect cylinder. Also we use our largest girth in our calculations, and it may get thinner in spots; while the equation assumes uniform girth throughout.

Nevertheless, it is a much better measure of size than length; and a much better means of comparison

Originally Posted by Krod
As for the orginal post. With the average being 9-10.

>10 above average >15 big and >20 huge.

That’s good to know I’m in the above avarage :)

Feb '09 5.5" NBPEL. - 4.9" EG.

May '09 ?? NBPEL - ?? EG.

Kingpole, I see you started under 10. 23! Your stats are my motivation. I’m 6.125 BPEL x 4.5 MSEG=9.870ci.

As is obvious in the equation girth is what makes the difference. If I could only get. a .5 inch girth gain, I’d never ask for more haha.

I sometimes wonder if you girthy guys stay up late at night thinking of brand new ways to make me feel bad about my dick.

Oh well, CK's calculator shows I’ve gotten about a 41% increase in volume. :woot2: :boogie: I’ll just keep tugging away.

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Originally Posted by mmmk
As is obvious in the equation girth is what makes the difference. If I could only get. a .5 inch girth gain, I’d never ask for more haha.

You say that now, but just wait until you DO get it- YOU’LL WANT MORE ;)

Originally Posted by sta-kool

I’ve gotten about a 41% increase in volume.

Damn sta that’s awesome congratu-fucking-lations!


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