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What should I do first?

What should I do first?

First of all, I’d like to thank PirateSteve and DarkTrick for replying to my newbie thread, and I’m hoping to get more advice seeing that this forum seems to have more traffic.. I’ve starting PE (stretching only) on and off in June, and began a regular routine with jelqing as well 2 months ago.

I seem to have a shitload of problems, most of which might stem from my incompetence. :p I’ve run into a host of problems, and searching the forums for all of them individually seem to have compounded them. :D

So I’m hoping starting a thread might help a tad bit, and with luck, I might be able to help someone as ill-fated as me in the future.

First off, I’d like to clarify a couple of things. I’ve read the faq, and did a bit of searching for the overhand ok technique, but all I’ve found in the description is that my palms are facing down. To provide a clearer picture, my idea of the overhand ok grip is the A-okay sign where only the index finger and thumb are wrapped around the shaft, and the other 3 fingers retain the a-ok posture. My pinky will be the finger furthest from the pubic bone and the closest one to the glans/ head of the member.

A poorly rendered picture can be found in the earlier thread I started here: Hard times

I have a couple more questions, but I’m not going to bog everyone down with them.. yet.

There are videos you can watch. Search this forum on exercise videos.

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