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Hard times

Hard times

I’m 21, and I’d like to wish everyone a belated Thanks-giving.

I did a search, but didn’t find a thread that really helped.. so I hope someone can help me. I’ve been doing PE for a maybe 2 months, and jelqing for about the same. I use the overhand method, but I’m not really sure if it’s the same one as listed in the FAQ. (think palm facing down, pinky is the furthest digit from the body, and thumb is wrapped under the todger. hope someone can picture that)

I’m an uncut heathen, and I’ve resorted to holding my foreskin back with the other hand that’s not doing the milking. Picture this - as I milk with my right hand, the index finger and the thumb of my left hand holds down the foreskin at the base of the shaft. I alternate between the hands, since I use lube and there is a lull of about half to a full second where my todger is free from the milking. Currently it takes me about 40-45 minutes to go through 700 strokes.

Hopefully I’ve given enough information for someone to answer my questions -

1. Is this method effective
2. Am I taking too long for the strokes? (I got soft fairly often and have to roll my foresking for 10-15 strokes before I get 60-75% hardness)
3. Why in the world am I getting flaccid jelqing when all I see are people asking about how avoid getting fully erect? (for newbies anyhow)
4. Will just the normal jelqing get me hit 8” x 6” I’m currently 7” (dick’s bent, from abs to tip would actually be 6.5) x 5.5”

sorry for the barrage of questions.. I’m trying to prepare for college. :D

Welcome aboard! Sorry it took so long, a lot of us are being distracted by a totally insane thread right now. I am a cut heathen, so I don’t really know how to address your foreskin issues - hopefully someone else will chime in here with some sage advice. About the hardness, I don’t stay hard easily when I jelq. Until I hurt my hand last week, I was jelqing for about 26 minutes each day - and staying at the 80% hardness level always requires a little porn for me. I took a photo of my dick, photoshopped it into large proportions, and pasted it above the picture of a pretty, naked girl. I look at the girl to get harder, the dick to set my goal in my mind. I would say it has worked out pretty well. Some days, I add a picture of another naked girl just for variety.

I don’t think you can ever take too long for a jelq stroke. Mine last between 4 & 5 seconds each. But I do worry about your method a bit. Have you read this thread yet? How to Jelq There is a video on this thread: A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises

Many have gotten 1” or more from jelqing alone. I have gained from jelqing, and still do it for that reason.

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Thanks a lot for the reply, Piratesteve. Mustbe some thread to have the whole forum going crazy about it. :>

I’ve seen the video, and from what I could infer from the faq, it seems to be the standard ok grip. I jelq as if I’m really showing someone the a-ok sign. Meaning if I jelq with my right hand, only my index finger and thumb are wrapped around the member, nothing else. My palm will be facing downwards, and my pinkie will be the furthest finger from my digit bone.

My main problem is that I am uncut, and I do not jelq with the standard grip. Couple that with the fact that my member is very curved, jelqing for me is a nightmare.

heh. Help?

Here is a diagram I attached. This is what my jelqing would look like to me, and the view is obviously one of the topside of my member. The finger with the pink line would be the.. pinky :D , and the green line would be the index finger. The blue one represents the thumb. Only the index finger and thumb are ever in contact with my member during jelqing. Hopefully I can produce a diagram that will show how I jelq while holding my foreskin down.

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