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What is the connection between LOT and manual stretching.

What is the connection between LOT and manual stretching.

I should say that I’ve read Bib’s theory on LOT, but didn’t get the main point.

What is actually the “tug back”? Is it a “slingshot” effect, when you stretch out the unit and then release it and it returns to the standard position in a jerky motion? Or?

And once LOT is determined, should it tell me at which angle to stretch the unit or should it tell me, whether stretching does have any point or it doesn’t?

I’m sure not the first person to have asked it, but once someone explains me, so I get quite an understanding, this thread will be removed.

Forget about LOT, it is meaningless.

Any more explanations?

Do a search for LOT?

I did search, but I need a personal explanation here, dudes

Yea I’m new to Thunder’s Place and I didn’t get the purpose of LOT.

Do I need to know this before I start PE exercises?

Not before neither after.

So, is LOT useless after all?? I’ve read it, I’ve found my lot (which is 6:00 7:00, low as hell, the recommended for me would be stress on the tunica, according to Bib) should I just forget about it? Did the old vets use this for their gains?

LOT is a theory from back in the day. It specifically applied (or didn’t) to hanging.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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