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What do you recommend?

What do you recommend?

hello there,

I’m new here. I want to start PE just to grow a little bit. Im now 17.5 cm in length and 14 cm in girth, thats 7 Inch by 5.6.

I know it’s above average, but I just want to grow a little bit
I thougt something like ^8x6… Is something like that accepteble?

I read about Jelqing… so I will do that..

But what will it do? lengt? girth? or both?

And so..other techniques? I don’t intend to buy/make a hanger… but if its helpfull…

i here from you guys


I like to be a little bit bigger

I love to play my guitar!

Jelq works well for many guys. It can increase length and girth. As for the other techniques, wait until you have done some jelqing and manual stretching; if these don’t work, try something different - if it does work, stick with it until you hit a plateau, then try adding some more advance techniques.


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Okay, thanks for your reply,

What is an avererage on time on getting results, or getting to my goal?
I know it can vary a lot, but just as a guide line…

And does someone have some pics of the right way of stretching and jelquing? I can read english..but it ain’t my strongest language you now.. so a graficual pic would be nice…
And i can’t spend the whole surfing this forum for info.. what should i tell my parents? :D

thanks a lot!

I like to be a little bit bigger

I love to play my guitar!

Try the tutorials section.

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