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What are Realistic Gains


Originally Posted by Sarracenia
I’m currently 17.6 cm/6.92 inches.

I’m a good girth, so I’m not going to worry about that. I’m thinking of getting a stretcher. They claim I can be 10.5 inches in 1 year. What is realistic?

I figure I could wear it for 8-12 hours a day (not at first) if I wear it while sleeping. Is that an option or is it too dangerous?

Also, what are all the abbreviations everyone uses (what do they stand for)?


Hi there!

Realistic gains…are we talking length only? If you make 1” gain in one year, you should be happy but some have succeed to gain 2”. If you plan on gaining girth, 0.5” in one year is a realistic goal but again, few have succeeded with 1”. It is problematic to combine length and girth exercises and the majority teaches that we should go for length first. Also, be honest to yourself and measure properly and once a month.

I made 1” length and 0.38” girth on my first year and I worked hard for it!

It takes dedication and endurance so try to feel inspired and and motivated. One way of doing so is to hang out on this forum :) .

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Originally Posted by Monty:

As far as an extender goes. Think about this for a minute. An extender can only exert a specific amount of force. Even though it may have the capability of extending that force in a longitudinal way it still remains the same amount of force. That in and of itself is the limiting factor of an extender. Your penis will assimilate that force and gains will stop. Hence other forms of exercise, devices or techniques will be required to get to especially longer goals.

Yes, but by using an extender, you can go many hours without investing so much effort unlike when you’re doing manuals or else, as it’s repeated here, consistency+time=results. And also by the force applied, I read that the tension/force in the extender is different than that used by hanging,meaning 1 kg on extender<>1 kg on hanging.

Most of my PE related injuries came from hanging heavy weights whilst sleeping. Simply not worth it; don’t do any PE while asleep.

I think that the majority of guys, lets say 98%, can gain an inch or better. For some lucky few this will take 6 months or less. For others it will take a year, two years, longer…

Running a Massive Co-Front.

1 inch in a year seems fantastic. Thanks everyone for the replies.

Originally Posted by iamaru
Most of my PE related injuries came from hanging heavy weights whilst sleeping.

You did this? Seriously?

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