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Wet Vs. Dry Jelq while uncut

Wet Vs. Dry Jelq while uncut

So I have a question for you uncut men like myself, do you guys ever do wet jelqs? I haven’t tried it yet, but I feel as if that would be completely unnecessary and would cause too much slippage due to the extra skin am I right? I’m asking because anytime I use lube or lotion to masturbate my hand starts to slide off unintentionally and is just such a hassle. Has anyone else felt like this and said screw the wet jelqs and went straight into the dry ones?

Yep, that was my attitude towards wet jelqs and went straight to dry jelqs, since it was more easier to do with me being uncut and having a huge fat pad.

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Yea same I started with wet Jelqs because it was the general consensus but being uncut I didn’t find it as effective as dry jelqing


I gave my answer on the “blu-tack” thread directly above. I argue that dry is best for we uncut guys.

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