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Lotion for wet jelqing dries too fast.

Lotion for wet jelqing dries too fast.

I finally bought some lotion today because that’s what’s required of web jelqing. However it kept on trying on me after the fifth or sixth jelqing. How am I supposed to do hundreds of jelqs if I have to keep going back to remoisturize so often. It really slows down the process and besides wastes a lot of lotion. All that lotion used on my penis can’t be good. In the end, I had to switch back to dry jelqing like I’ve been doing for the last few days. What am I doing wrong?

What kind of lotion are you using?

Many guys just use KY Lube and keep a bowl of warm water handy so that when the lube begins to dry out, they dip their fingers into the bowl to “revive” the lube.

There are two types of lubes, one is silicone based and the other I believe is water based. Which type are you using?

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Rather than KY try Vaseline as it doesn’t dry up. Keep reapplying it every so often for best results. I used to have this oil based suntan lotion that was even better.

The best kind of lube I’ve used for pe has got to be anti rinkle cream- it doesnt dry up and it feels the best.

I use a thin coat of vaseline and then some baby oil with vitamin E. That gets me 30+ minutes of jelqing without reapplying.

I use Vaseline Intensive Care moisture cream, or Johnson’s Baby lotion,

seems to work well, especially if penis and lotion is warmed first


I use normal food oil with a bit of tiger-balm mixed in it. Baby oil is also good stuff.

Olive oil!

Yeah olive oil is good too! There’s this stuff you can get called Aqueous Cream (spell check please!) that is also very good, however it does sting slightly due to the alcohol content. I have got very good results using that in a hot shower.

Baby oil gel by Johnson and Johnson with vitamin E . Apply thin coat once and it will last for approx 300 jelqs.


I would just go to the adult novelty shop and purchase some water based lubricant. The brand I use is called Foreplay and have no problems with it lasting for a while.

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