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Well, I'm back.

Well, I'm back.

Hey one and hey all. Some people here might remember me for what you might call a total flake. I happened to be browsing around the internet like a ninny and happened upon a link that brought me back here - I remember my profile and bam! I’m back!

I went through a rather rough patch in my life about a year ago that was marked with the end of a two year routine that failed to yield me any growth, I’m a critical skeptic about PE actually working - at least for me - and have yet to see concrete gains for myself. So I’ll be trolling here and there absorbing everything I think I need to know. Hopefully I can get to the bottom of why I have yet to ever yield even a centimeter of growth on something so many people seem so successful on.

Maybe then I can start to get some results eh? So yeah, not really a newbie, just an infrequent poster and at times a complete flake. So if anyone has any suggestions or ideas, please know the newbie routine didn’t work for me… At all!

Woohoo! So yeah, feel free to suggest more advanced stuff, my dick can take an absurd beating.

This time around I think I’ll be bookmarking the site so when I have to replace my computer again I don’t lose it.

Yeah. Well that’s it. Hope you didn’t expect something extravagant out of me. ._.

Start: (Dec 07) 6.5 NBPEL / 5.2 EG

Goal: 8.0 NBPEL / 6.0 EG

Current 7"NBPEL / 5.5 EG

If you didn’t gain anything from the newbie routine it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to turn to more intense exercises (especially taking into account you had a long time off PE), you’d rather focus on mastering the techniques and on being as consistent as possible. You can variate the numbers (sets, reps, time, etc.) freely as you’re not completely inexperienced, but I’m pretty sure you did something wrong if you didn’t gain in two years- obviously it’s a good idea to change something up if it doesn’t work, but in your case I don’t think this is the issue.

Welcome back Razzle dazzle. Just a thought maybe your previous routine was too intensive? Why not try a less intensive routine?

Always be cool.

Now BPEL 7.75 EG 5.80 Goals for 2013 improved E Quality + BPEL 8.25 6.0 EG Long term goals, 8.75

Woow! What was you’re routine? How many minutes worm up, stretching and jelq? Did you had a weekly routine? Like 5 on 2 off or something like that? I’m very sorry that you didn’t gain men, I hope you will have more luck this time! Be positive and try to not think all the day about it, do it like anything else! Take it as a sport or a hobby!

01.11.2010 BPEL - 7 ,EG - 5

GOAL - 0.5 so I can be a believer!

I went on a 3 on 2 off basis. It was usually oriented around my work schedule, but I liked the intensity followed by the lapse, kind of like when I played hockey, hit the gym Tuesday and Thursday, on Wednesday we always did a practice skate, then Saturday or Sunday we’d have another practice and then on Monday we’d all do cardio.

10 minute warm up with a hot wash cloth.
Jelq 10 minutes.
Modified V-Stretch for another 15.
And then I finished with a modified jelq that I did with one hand, it was a two part stroke and I can’t recall which exercise it mimicked, but I think it was the Horse 440. Once I reached the tip I pushed back down, did that for 5 to 15 minutes depending on how it felt.
I closed things out with a 10 minute cool down. Also usually rewarded myself for finishing with a good wank after everything cooled down.

Always saw improved EQ but I completely lacked any length or girth gains in two years of doing it.

I stuck to the routine even after I left the site, and I never had any problems with injury at any point.

Start: (Dec 07) 6.5 NBPEL / 5.2 EG

Goal: 8.0 NBPEL / 6.0 EG

Current 7"NBPEL / 5.5 EG

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