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Weird Pains

Weird Pains

This question is not 100% PE related but I think someone here will probably be able to answer since alot of people here know quite a bunch of stuff about health issues so here goes.

On occasion when I jump down from someplace a that’s about a meter high or so I get sharp sort of whiplash pains behind my balls, or more like between my balls and my ass, in what feels like the inner penis as I heard some people call it here, it’s a real sharp pain and I have no idea what’s causing it, it’s been like this long before I started PE so I’m sure it ain’t because of something I’m doing (I’ve had this thing for years), it doesn’t always happen but when it does it’s a real kicker.

So besides the obvious don’t jump down from high places, does anyone have a clue what’s causing this? Is there a muscle there which I need to work on or something to strengthen it? Or anything?

Maybe its a turd inside that area? Do you need to take a shit after the pain?

Sounds like you need to do some stretching, any kind of leg stretch will probably help you out.

The PC muscle or the anal sphincter? (total guesses)

Have you tried asking a doctor?

What you’re talking about is perineal pain. The area between your asshole and penis is the perineum - which is fed by the perineal nerve. Since this is a chronic thing for you I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. For whatever reason your perineal nerve probably gets temporarily pinched by the jostling that takes place after the jump. Maybe it wraps around a structure that compresses it when a bit of traumatic force is applied - some fibrous fascia or something. But I’m just guessing.

Go to the doc, (s)he is a professional for a reason.

Paging Nurse Westla, please report at the front desk…

regards, mgus

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