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Weird Ejaculate

Weird Ejaculate

I have experienced a sorta chunky, almost jello like texture when I ejaculate. It seems to happen quite often even before I started with PE. Anyone know how to get rid of this? Or why this happens to me? It is actually somewhat painful to cum, and it seems to take a long time to reach orgasm.

Are you taking any medications? I’ve had strange ejaculations with certain prescriptions before. When you say jello do you mean jello pudding, or like the jello mold jello?

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I’m talking like jello mold.I was put on anti-depressants a few weeks ago.but I have had this problem before that.

In addition to the medications (prescription and OTC) I’m wondering if you’re staying hydrated. I know that my ejaculate volume is greater when I’m careful about staying hydrated.

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I’ve had that for about 10 years now. They are like little pieces of rice or globules. The best thing you can do is drink lots of water and have sex alot :) They have never really gone away. I think it is just just dried semen/sperm that is coming out. The longer I wait to have sex or masturbate the longer they get. Kind of freaky, I know. Get used to it and don’t worry about it too much. Go see your doctor if you are really worried about it.

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Yea i have that from time to time mostly when i don’t ejaculate often. I try to masturbate everyday, i have not been able to because of my room mate situation, but if i go a week- two weeks with out ejaculating. I get this Jello like substance when i cum. The best way for me to describe it is it’s like tapioca pudding.

Just like clgp7 said stay hydrated, i also say have sex or masturbate every day if you can or every other day. I think this is cause by backed up sperm. Men are biologically made to GET OFF once a day, if not more than that. If it’s painful i would go see a doctor. but try the recommendations first.

I am not a doctor but maybe I could suggest something. Please go to a CVS or any sort of smaller store that carries a butt load of vitamins. I would suggest getting a bottle of Zinc Glutamate this will increase your amount of ejaculate and might just solve your problem.

PS take the zinc with food.

All you guys quit worrying. It’s normal. Cum has different textures. Lumpy/grainy yellow is one of them.

have you been drinking plenty of water. Maybe as simple as you are dehydated?

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Mine gets chunky like you describe, not often - months go by. I don’t think in my case it is about hydration; I’m usually well-hydrated.

I asked my doc about it years ago. He said his ejaculate gets that way now and then and he doesn’t have a clue as to why.

If your ejaculations are painful/uncomfortable, something else is going on at that time. Possible that there is an acid buildup in your urethra from urine remaining there. When the Ph “base” semen hits it on the way out, this can hurt.



Its happened to me, though not often, and I think its really nasty and it bothers me. Yeah… Sorry can’t offer much input on why it happens

Originally Posted by Braingasm
All you guys quit worrying. It’s normal. Cum has different textures. Lumpy/grainy yellow is one of them.

I will agree! I’ve seen different color sperm and different textures too. You should not be scared unless your sperm comes out pink.

I had sex last night and ejaculated. Everything seemed okay. Kinda scary when it comes out like that though. I could have just been dehydrated, seemed to burn a bit when I urinated as well. Must remember to drink more water. Keep my urine track clean.

Yep water works wonders in certain situations. This being on of them! :)

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