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WEEK 2 results

WEEK 2 results

Week 0:
Flaccid: length 13cm, girth: 12cm
Erect: length 14cm, girth: 13cm

Week 2:
Flaccid: length 13cm, girth: 12cm
Erect: length 14cm, girth: 13cm

In other words, no changes. That’s ok, I’ll keep going. Also the whole measuring thing is not that easy to standardize.

I do feel a bit harder and definitely hornier in the last two weeks.

My routine so far:
- 10 min warm up
- 5 min basic stretch
- 10 min jelq
- 3 sets of 20 kegels
- 10 min warm down

Week 1: one day workout, two days rest
Week 2-4: workout every other day
Week 5: two workout days in a row, one day rest

As of this week I am now adding two extra minutes to the jelq and I’m changing my strech routine: 40 sec in each direction, three sets, half a minute in between.

I am experiencing a lot of turtling during the warm-down and I am thinking about stopping it. Ideas?

Any comments appreciated.


PS: this was my beginner thread:
Starting with PE

I’d recommend not stopping doing warm down - it’s very important, and the turtling is completely normal. PE happens between the routines and on your off days, not immediately after a routine.

Just keep at it, and watch out for those PI :)

PE isn't a chore. PE is a lifestyle.

If you feel down sometimes, come live inside my mind. I promise you'll enjoy the experience.

Wonder what turtling is.. Never EVER heard such word.

But then again.. You said you didn’t get any gains from your first weeks (first 2 weeks) but.. During your starting period you REALLY did it slow, uh.

You only got to the “newbie routine gaps” on your fifth week. I started doing 2 days on/ 1 day off immediately. Absolutely no gains so far (nothing expressive, actually)

Good luck for you!

Current........6"X5" BP or 15cmx12, january 2009

Mid target....6,5"x5,5" or 16,25cmx13, july 2009

Final... Still deciding

Hey thanks for the replies.

Cool, I’ll keep the warm down in. Turtling is when your experience shrinkage, like after climbing out of a pool in cold air.

And yes, I did my starting period very slow. Slow gains, but I thought it better to be on the safe side.




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