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Starting with PE

Starting with PE

Hey guys!

I’m new here, this is my first post, yadda yadda. I actually found this topic and this community via the pickup community. Any other PUAs out here? I’ve read the book “exercising the penis”.

Anyhow, I’m starting this new regimen for the first time on September 7th. Please let me know what you guys think.

REASONS: Confidence mostly, and of course pleasing the girlfriend.

GOAL: +1 cm length and circumference by December. Added also hardness can’t hurt.

GOAL: +1 cm length and circumference by May. Added also hardness can’t hurt.

Start: September 7th

- A little bit every week will help
- Don’t overdo it
- PE health comes first
- Measure once a week
- Watch out for bodily signs
- Warm up, lubricate

My plan is to do a little bit of exercising every week, with the newbie exercise rota until December, which is when the gf comes to town, and then the normal one in January till May. I’m thinking of doing some every morning, although I’m not a morning person, but I like going out the evenings, so it might get lost there. I’m at university, graduate studies and 25 years old.

My routine:
- 10 min warm up
- 5 min basic stretch
- 10 min jelq
- 3 sets of 20 kegels

Week 1: one day workout, two days rest
Week 2-4: workout every other day
Week 5: two workout days in a row, one day rest

Week 6: See where I am, look at signs etc.

Current flaccid length: 11cm, girth: 10.5cm

Comments welcome!



Hehe there a few PUA’s here, at least I try to be sometimes! You have a girlfriend? That must interfere with sarging lol! Where do you post, I’m single again and could do with relearning the skills as it were.

Nice little routine there, I’d measure every fortnight but that’s just me.

Just finished my first session. Painless.

Correction: flaccid lenght is 13cm, as is girth. Penis was a bit shrivveled down earlier.

PS: harris, I am in NYC but the gf is overseas at the moment. Sure lets go sarge if you get around here

Dude If I was in NY trust me I would! :)

Keep us updated on your progress.

Will do! Any comments on the routine? Too much, too little, anything missing, any words of wisdom?



In my limited experience comapred to others I would say it’s perfect. Although, I don’t think you need to take two full days off if your PI’s are good. Also, a warm down woudn’t hurt.

Your goals and your routine seem quite sensible to me. To avoid frustration I wouldn’t measure every week, though. Measurable gains usually don’t come that fast.

I agree with Vurpollon! Weekly measurements are not encouraging. If I were you I would keep on monthly measurements, but of course, it is my opinion!

07/09/08 - BPEL: - 6.3” , EL: - 6”; EG: - 4.75”

Short term goal - EL: 6”; EG: - 4.85”

Medium term goal - EL: 6”; EG: - 5.1”

Long term goal - EL: 6.5”; EG: - 5.5”

Final goal - EL - 7”; EG: - 6”

Ah, cool. Thanks for the replies.

I’m something of a statistics freak, so I like measuring things and keeping track of progress. I think I’ll measure every fortnight, the agreed view seems to be that weekly is overkill (and useless) unless I have a monster cock tomorrow (unlikely).

Also adding a warm-down. Is five minutes good?



ya five minutes is fine for the warm down, some people do a cool down instead. Personally doing either one causes me to turtle so I do a simple stroking massages for a few minutes to help retain the plumpness gained from the jelqing.

Start 6/13/08 NBPEL = 5 EG=5.25 NBPFL=3.5 FG=4.5 Now 8/5/08 NBPEL = 5.5 EG=5.25 NBPFL=4 FG=4.75Goal NBPEL=7 EG=5.5 NBPFL=5 FG=4.75

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