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Weak morning woods

Weak morning woods

I am 24, and I recently started PEing again (back after 4 years of no PE). I think I stopped getting morning woods, at least I don’t remember getting any for the past year or so.

Since I’ve been doing PE I have taken more notice, and now I get very weak morning woods. Is this a good sign? I am not sure why they are not stronger.

What is your routine? Maybe you are over working it. Try lowering the amount of jelqs you’re doing.

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Take a couple days off, and go to bed an hour or two earlier. 7-8 hours of good quality, uninterrupted sleep are key to maximizing t-levels and libido. And night time woods happen at certain points during the sleep cycle as well. You may not be waking up at that point during your sleep cycle, thus no wood. Also a lot of men get too little fat and not enough carbs in their diet, which equals lower libido. I’d say if diet and sleep are in line, woods will return.

No need to worry about the wood, unless you want to worry about the wood. It is a personal choice.

Recondition your unit before you jump back into PE.

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