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Was my PE a waste.went off in my hand

Was my PE a waste.went off in my hand

I have been doing PE for a while now. Today’s PE stretching, jelqs, horizontal stretch and then sadsack.. While I was just abou tto finish up I had to work up and erection to do the sadsack and bammm! It accidently went off in my hand. I know people have said sex and masturbation is ok with PE, but This was while I was finishing up my workout. So does anyone think that made my todays PE obsolete?

I don’t think so. But don’t do it again or hairs will grow on the palms of your hands.

You’re just fine.

Down the road you’ll get a better handle on how not to splooge unintentionally when you get really good with edging.

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Thanks.definately don’t want hairy palms!


Originally Posted by cscsvladimir
Thanks.definately don’t want hairy palms!

I’m not sure whether this is covered in the thread on traditional shaving, but you might want to check it out. Just in case.

It’s not a gun man, you didn’t accidentally kill yourself when it went off when you were cleaning it lol.

Relax. PE is the accumulation of months and years of consistent work, cumming during your routine one day is about the equivalent of worrying about changing the color of the ocean because you added a single drop of red food coloring in it.

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