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Warming up . or not . at work

Warming up . or not . at work

Ok so I’ve had a route around previous threads and the general perception is that it’s best to warm up to prevent injury, although I also see the points made by some that suggest warming up will NOT help in shocking the penis into deformation. Any how, I think a warm up is a good idea in general.

To the point though .. I’m currently in a job which gives me quite a lot of spare time whilst in the office. No one would ever notice me missing for 15 mins maybe longer. So it makes sense to me to make the most of my situation at present and PE at work. But obviously warming up is a bit of an issue. I don’t fancy warming up under my desk lol, so I was wondering anyone else in a similar situation. Or do people reckon the odd work out without a warm up/down is ok? Or is there discrete methods of warming up in public (so to speak) that people use?

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I was going to post a similar question this morning. After reading some of the recent piss pull threads along with numerous threads about guys sneaking stretches in bed, at the computer, etc., I also want to hear thoughts about lack of warm up for quick sessions. It seems like most quick sessions involve stretching. Is warm up less important for stretching?

My extra/spare time will be in my automobile and I hope to map out 30-45 minutes several days a week for PE between sales appointments.

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