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I don’t know if were talking about the same Ulis, I do them with my hands, I thought that was the only way to do a Uli, an EXTREME ULI is a totally different thing that I believe involves Clamping, I think that is what your talking about.

They are a bit more intense than jelqs but I never had problems I started doing them about two weeks in 5 at a time at first then a few more every so often. I caution you about following my path as many members of this forum have cautioned me. I believe in always doing a little more every week, many people do not agree with this, and who knows maybe if I did not intensify I would have gained more, what I do know is I made my gains by increasing steadily overtime and mixing up the order of my routine each day in regards to jelqs and squeezes.

For the most part The best thing to do would be to wait until you get some solid Positive PI’s then make additions so that you know when your body is reacting the best. This way if you try something new and get worse PI’s you can say that is not for me. I have used that technique whenever I increase intensity or try a new exercise and it has worked for me.

Another bit of advice Listen to people like Mgus over someone like me, hes been around longer, read more, and is a lot more experienced than I am. This is not to say I don’t stand by my statements and would like to try to help my fellow members, but I acknowledge that someone like him will probably give you more sensible advice that will work for a more general group of people.

Best of Luck to you with PE Action!

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The thing to remember about pills and supplements is that they are not substitute for real work… So you may combine them with your PE, and MAYBE it’ll be useful, but for now, just concentrate on getting the techniques right and getting your penis used to hard work.

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