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Visual changes after 2 weeks

Visual changes after 2 weeks

I’m about through my 2nd week of PE, I already notice some visual changes, a few veins bulge out more than before, and I can see blue veiny lines along my penis I couldn’t see before, they are very prominent after I warm my penis in the shower. I’m pretty sure I don’t shrink so much during the day now.

What changes did you notice after 2 weeks? How much longer before erect gains start to come??

I only do 30 second stretches every day (1 straight out, 1 up, 1 down, 1 left, 1 right)

Then 150 - 200 jelqs, 2on 1 off.

Is this too much, or enough. People who injure them selves is that from too many reps or too much pressure when jelqing?

I would like to know as well because I am doing around the same thing

Thats pretty muuch how I started, but I soon reduced the number of jelqs to about 50, really focusing on quality over quantity. I’ve reduced the number to about 30 now!

I was surprised, early in PE, to find more skin developing. Although measurements didn’t reveal any change, I did gradually grew into the new skin.



Avocet8, that’s interesting, I just started PE late last Sep and have noticed that loose skin feeling but absolutely no change in girth (a ridiculous 4.75 mid EG). The length has increased 5/8 ” and BPFSL is super but flaccid length and girth-nada. Thanks for giving me hope.

For me, morning woods started happening daily, without exception, and erections generally became better and more common (but they were very good even before that). I also got 0.2” after first 2-3 workouts (I’m sure it was not just better EQ), now I don’t want to measure again until December the 22nd (which will be one month of PE). I hope I’ll be positively surprised. :)

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

Keep working bro, and you will see a huge visual change soon.

Your sucess is directly proportional to how bad you want something.

Inicio : 15cm x 12cm (standard)

Actualidad : 18cm x 13.5cm and still growing!

After a month, I’m experiencing the same stuff: morning woods so hard they wake me up, loose skin, larger veins and my flaccid seems to hang softer. Hopefully all this will be followed with growth.

Dworm, great news. Glad to hear your having some success. I just started PEing this week. In fact, just finished my 3rd session. I’m working the newbie routine and 2 days ON/ 1 day OFF. I hope I can see some visual changes end of next week. It would really encourage me to keep it up.

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