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It's been 3 weeks.

It's been 3 weeks.

I have PE-ed for a month, gained about 0.5 inch length, and 0.25 inch girth. I took 2 weeks off after the first month.

It’s been 3 weeks of PE-ing since the two weeks off, and I have not seen any gains. I’ve been doing the newbie routine, 2 days on and 1 day off. Should I change my routine? Is there anything that I can do to improve my progress?


You’ve had the common “newbie gains” which lead many to assume that growth should continue at a similar rate with continued PE. Actual post newbie gains normally come at an infinitesimal pace, if at all. Follow the established recommendations and stick with the newbie routine for at least three months. Make sure to begin at the modest workout levels, only gradually adding in stretching and jelqing time over the three months. This is crucial in conditioning your penis tissues to tolerate the stresses of PE excercises. Additional changes in your PE routine should be made with sensible caution.

Don’t measure too often. It’s plenty frequent to measure just once monthly, and some would say that measuring at two or three month intervals is probably better.

There is some sound advice above from Calfaddict. One thing I can say, is that you shouldn’t have taken the 2 week break after the first month of PE. You should have maybe finished the total newbie period of 3 months before taking any time off, and it should have been no longer then a week so early in your PE journey.

I’d say with your one month on and two weeks off, you’ve probably gone back to total newbie and should probably start the whole newbie process again for the 3 months.

One good thing is, that you’ve seen some gains and know that this works. So don’t expect overnight results because you won’t always get them. Keep at it, take it slow, and start your PE marathon.

19th Feb 2012

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You may want to try cutting everything in half. Half the jelqs, or every other day.

It seems counter intuitive, but it seems to work for some.

In my opinion, what can it hurt?

An interesting thread is the progress report of Kevin12.

I am far from a PE expert, but I wonder if your time off really has anything to do with your latest lack of gains.

I measure weekly, but the important thing is I never ever let a bad measurement discourage me. If I get a bad measurement, I just keep going like I never measured, if I get a good measurement, it is a great motivator.

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Thanks for the advice! I shall try to keep it up for 3 months.

Now, If I were to take a day or 2 off during the 3 months, is that ok?

It seems to be the consensus that days off are actually part of the process of making your penis bigger.

If I feel that my dick is too beat up, and/or I have lesser erection quality, I take extra days off. I always seem to be ready to go again after three days off.

Sept. 4, '07: BPEL 6.875 inches, EG widest 5.25

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I have taken a week off once again due to sickness. This winter has not been pleasant for me. Nonetheless, I think I have notice gains once more. (Although I haven’t measure, but it feels bigger.)

This make me realize how hard it is to continuously practice the newbie routine for three months.

And hopefully how important days off can be.

I am not sure if the growth happens during or for 24 hours after a session, or if the growth does not even start until after 24 or more hours have passed.

Sept. 4, '07: BPEL 6.875 inches, EG widest 5.25

Goal: Double digits

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