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Very simple routine

Very simple routine

Hello all,

I haven’t posted before but I have done a bit of research around the site. I didn’t find anything related closely enough to my specific question so that is why I’m posting this question.

I have read that the most important part of getting quality gains is really all about consistency and patience. I am just wondering if a routine as simple as V stretches and jelqing for a total of roughly 15-20 minutes a day can result in gains? I’m mainly concerned with length, more specifically I would like to improve my flaccid length, but clearly wouldn’t mind adding erect length.

So yeah, just wondering if a routine (if it could even be called that) as simple as this would be beneficial.

The reason I don’t really have much time to put into it is because I have three roommates that I don’t really want to know I’m doing it, and I can really only do this in the shower.

Another question, sort of, is that I’m wondering if flaccid stretching can be done anytime throughout the day and, if so, will it improve flaccid length?

I know this post is quite generalized and details are important to PE, so sorry for the lack of details.

Thank you for any replies.

I’m doing a very abbreviated routine with mostly stretches and I gained 0.25” in both length and base girth in ~ 3 months. If you want to up the volume later on, you can do piss stretches. Just do a few stretches anytime you go for a piss. I used to do these but I found I slowly over-trained and my penis would become more contracted. I think maybe each penis may be slightly different. Some guys may respond better to abbreviated training, some guys require higher volume/frequency. But, as you know almost everybody recommends to start slowly and build up slowly and only if you see no gains. That’s what I’m doing, anyway.

Starting Size: April, 28, 2010: NBPEL-7" Girth-6" (base, MSG, glans)

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