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Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy Reversal

I’ve read only one other post from someone named Banjo after searching about this. He didn’t get any responses. This procedure is also known as a vasovasectomy

I was wondering if anyone else out there has had any experience with this procedure. I had mine done about 3 months ago.

They told me the recovery would be comparable to getting a vasectomy. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! I recovered from the original vasectomy and was ready for sex in less than 3 days. It took me a full 3 weeks until I was “ready” to have sex after the reversal. The doctor said to not ejaculate sooner because it could blow out the vas repairs he did.

The continuing problem I’m having is residual soreness in the vas, especially after sex. Also another undesirable side effect is that my balls ride about 1 inch closer to my body and they get in the way of PE, sex, and generally make my penis look shorter. I liked the way they used to hang lower and out of the way. I guess they are higher because the doctor had to cut off the scarred ends of the vas and reattach them.

On a side note, and maybe this should be in a different thread. There’s always been a lot of talk about cementing gains. I swear that since I’ve had this surgery and stopped PEing as regularly because of lack of privacy, I’ve lost about .25” in girth and about .25” in length. It seems as though my entire penis did a bit of turtling in the months since the surgery.


PS- I will post my current measurements once the guessing game is done in the Member pics forum.

You know with all the wonders of microscopic surgery, I’m surprised that now when they do a vasectomy instead of cutting or searing the vas deferens they don’t just put a little microscopic valve on the ducts so sperm could be mixed with semen as easy as turning on a water faucet inside the scrotum.

Seriously though, I’m sure the turtling gain loss will be easy to get back once completely healed enough to resume PE. I don’t think reattaching the vas deferens would cause balls to ride higher, but could be wrong. I’ll ask Doc when I see her tonight. I’ll also suggest my water faucet theory:

Good luck, bronco.
Keep us posted.

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My balls are definitely riding a lot higher. They actually never hang in the bottom of my scrotum the way they used to. I actually have extra skin now at the bottom of my scrotum which never gets stuffed. It just kind of hangs there like a turkey neck.

Needless to say I’m not happy about this. I’ve actually tried stretching my balls down a bit manually, but I’m afraid of doing any damage to the surgery which was expensive.

Anyone else out there had a reversal?

Wow.this thread died on the vine without much response.

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