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Post Vasectomy Question

Post Vasectomy Question

For those who’ve been though it.

I’m now about 10 days post op.

I have found that from the single point where the incision was made (which is now pretty much healed), under the skin pointing from the middle of the scrotum outward, there is something hard and slightly sensitive almost resembling a very small tube. I’m wondering it this is swollen tissue from where the needle were inserted?

As of now, it’s the only thing that has even a hint of discomfort, but I’m wondering what it is, if it will go away and if it’s normal?

Anyone with a similar exeprience?

Originally Posted by tps
Maybe the actual vas tube they cut? Did they burn your ends or fold them over and tie them up? Mine were folded and tied and I could feel them through the sack for a while afterwards.

I was under the impression that they did both- fold and tied as well as cauterize. The strange thing is that it seems connected to the wound.

Originally Posted by tps
Could just be scar tissue where the scrotum is growing back together. It amazed me that they don’t even put a stitch in there, just fold the opening over itself.

Will it go away? It kinda hurts and when I get erect, it pulls and is somewhat pronounched on the bottom of my shaft.

Mine was over 10 years ago, but I remember a sensation of a low grade groin pull for at least a couple weeks. He coterized (I know that is sic) my vas. I recall a small scar and a bump that pretty much healed up.

cead mile failte :lep:

Originally Posted by SixerMan

Mine was over 10 years ago, but I remember a sensation of a low grade groin pull for at least a couple weeks. He coterized (I know that is sic) my vas. I recall a small scar and a bump that pretty much healed up.

Yes but I’m talking about something that’s almost like a tube (vein, blood vessel, the vas?) it’s a bit tender to the touch and the weird thing is that is almost seems attached to the little healing bump. I wondered if there was some scarring where the needle went? Or did the end of a cauterized vas get attached to the wound? God I hope it isn’t that.


I think you’re perfectly entitled to give the doc a call about this. If it’s not something within the range of possible after-effects he mentioned, you should feel free to question him about it.

I would.

I dont recall anything looking like what you describe, definately call the Doc.

cead mile failte :lep:


I left a message and made an appointment with his office. I’m still waiting to hear from him. He’s a nice guy but a little dismissive.

I asked him a couple of questions like:

1. Is it possible to ejaculate as much as I did as a younger man? His answer was: why? I said it feels better to me- he said: that shouldn’t effect your pleasure. I let it drop.

2. I asked him if the cutting of my vas would allow my left testicle to hand lower (so as to match my right one). He said: Uneven hang is just the way some people are. It has nothing to do with it.

So I’m really hoping he’s not going to be one of those, “it’s probably nothing” doctors. That’s why no matter what he says to me over the phone, I made an appointment so he could see exactly what I’m talking about.

I recall my Doctor telling me 90 something percent of semen is blah blah (i.e. some medical term I dont remember) and I wouldn’t notice the difference, and I didn’t.

cead mile failte :lep:

After a few months I couldn’t find where the scar was if I tried. While it healed there was a firm tender area.

Once you’ve healed, you can stretch the shorter one and it will hang as low as the other, or lower if you want. All it takes is some dedication.

Sorry I haven’t updated,

The stitch in one of the vas tubes got tethered to the skin under my scrotum. The Doc had to open up again through the original pucnture wound which was nearly healed. He said he freed it and I think it’s true, but now I have two puncture wounds. The second one (where he said it was tethered) is healing nicely, it’s very small but there is a hard little bump which stings a bit when touched. The original wound, opened twice, is not healing as nicely. There is an opening in the skin and the inside is healing, but the outside edges are not closing up. I fear I’ll have this little opening in my skin from now on.

Also, under the wound (the larger one esp) there is hard tissue and what feels almost like the tube that was there before. I tired to tell the doc that it was there, but the time he examined me, neither of us could readily find it. As I began to search for it, he told me to move my hand away. Next time I won’t let him push me around like that.

So I’m concerned. Will that hard stuff under my wound (two weeks now) go away?

Normally when a vasectomy is done, the vas is severed and the ends cauterized as well as doubled back and sutured. You are probably feeling a sutured end of the severed vas.

Good job asking your doc about it. A lot of people would be blown off by his dismissive attitude, but it looks like your persistence paid off.

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