VacExtender2 - Equipment Question

My understanding is that Mr. MB is up to his neck with a number of issues to deal with. Yet he manged to ship me one of his EXCELLENT VacExtender2s in a very timely manner and I am grateful. I tried to sign up for the forums on his web site but haven’t gotten permission to access it yet. So I ‘m hoping I can get some help here with a couple of questions.

1. Do you keep the sleeve attached to the cylinder full time or do you take it off after every use?

2. I don’t know how the prior constriction sleeve worked but the new one is really comfortable. I’m able to go from an intense 1 hr stretch to a less intense session, I guess you guys call it an ADS, that lasts from 2 to 3 hours with no discomfort. Absolutely incredible. Problem is that my sleeve arrived with a small tear at the base. I cut about 1/4” off in hopes of getting rid of the flaw. No such luck, seems to be a flawed piece of material. Have any of you encountered a similar problem or did I just get unlucky? If this is a common problem then it would be a good thing for Mr. MB to know about.

You guys are SO lucky that somebody has gotten us out of the dark ages of “noose” type technology. Stretching without having to “choke the chicken” is so awesome effective and painless, I’m loving it. More importantly Mama is going to love the results.

And as anyone who’s figured out how to live in a happy and low stress relationship knows, “When Mama’s happy, Everybody’s happy!”