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Using vac sleeve to hold Monty's weights

Using vac sleeve to hold Monty's weights

Hi guys, Iv been messing about with wraps to hold Monty’s PE weights on to my fella. I’m uncut and iv been finding it awkward. Anyway I cut a spur blue sleeve in half I had for my vac hanger and put it on my fella then slid 3 weights on and used a bit of band aid tape on the end of the sleeve to stop them sliding off, I left them on for a few hours without any problem and I think iv finally solved my problem. Just wondering if anyone thinks there would be a problem with this, I just don’t want to think great iv sorted it then realise someones already tried it and it didn’t work?

I’ve experimented with Monty’s weights and vac hanger sleeves before as well, and it seemed like it was working pretty well, but I didn’t spend enough time using them. I would actually roll up a small piece of a sleeve and unroll it onto my glans after putting on the weights. The weights wouldn’t go anywhere. I might have been getting a little skin stretching at the end, but that wasn’t bothering me.

For your method: If it feels good, then I say go for it, but watch for loss of circulation or something like that. Just wear them for less time first to make sure nothing bad is happening.

Thanks for the reply. I have a couple of days off soon so I think ill test them then. Ill report back how it went.

People are getting good results using his ADS headpiece and putting the weights on before. Personally thats 2 different modes of attack not to mention alot of money, and I simply don’t have it.

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